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Are You Blogging For Glory?

When I was young my parents both owned Greek restaurants and as I grew older I decided to take up catering classes in college.

After a couple of years I ended up working in two different Michelin star restaurants, in fact both of them got their Michelin stars when I was working there.

Are You Blogging For Glory

What I discovered was that the people working here where infatuated with food and their egos, as a matter of fact I remember coming back home to my grannies house one day and telling her.

They are doing it for Glory it is all about them feeding their ego, and to this day still I believe nothing has changed in this respect in the industry.

Anyone who will spend 6 or 7 days a week in a kitchen weekly, with complete disregard for their life sunshine or health . Working from maybe 6am in the morning till 2am some nights, is surely not doing it for the money it is all about glory.

And in the catering industry if that’s  your thing then that’s okay. You will get a wage in fact if you are in higher positions in the business you may even be able to live quite well off the wage or money you make.

Now if you switch to Blogging if you do not have a certain mindset then you could really end up blogging for glory.

What do I mean by this?  Well you might just love blogging?  You may love the interaction from readers, the learning you get while researching your topic, you may love the idea of being able to do what you like from home or anywhere that you have an internet connection.

There is one little thing.  If you do not learn to monetise it then you probably will not get paid.  As I said earlier in the catering industry you can do stuff for just the glory, but in many cases you will still get paid.

On the other hand when it comes to blogging for glory, if there is no money coming in from your blogging, or online marketing efforts.Then your life will not be very glorious.

Do you really think that you can feel really glorious when you cannot put food on the table or keep a roof over your head? I don’t really think so, unless of course you live on an island somewhere that grows it’s own food and has an internet connection that’s free 😉 (Hardly Likely)

One thing I have discovered both from watching it on the outside and being in the position ego alone will not carry you very far.

On the other hand self improvement educating oneself on what is important and being able to provide value in exchange for money goods or services. Will give you a good ROI.

Knowing about how to add a Call To Action to your blog posts and build an email list will increase your blogging profit substantially. Which will also mean you are not dependant on handouts or job security to live your life.

If you feel this could be you feel free to join me in one of my online businesses by clicking the link below.  That way I can help and show you how to stop just blogging for glory, and start making some real money in the process too.


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Are You Blogging For Glory?

When Starting A Blog Pick The Right Niche

I have a confession to make, many years ago when I first started blogging I was all over the place.  I made my websites or blogs and put random and different content on it all the time.

Since blogging and Internet Marketing is one of my favourite things I thought coming up with content will always be easy. The thing is it can be if you do enough research some trainings and courses regularly.

The thing is after probably 10,000 blog posts on my blogs it is getting harder to come up with new stuff when it comes to the topic of blogging.

When Starting A Blog Pick The Right Niche

When I named this Blog Building a Better I decided it was going to be about blogging, now unlike my original IM Blog Ask which I basically blogged about whatever I was interested in that day.

Or whatever my mood was or rants that just needed to come out.  I never had any trouble coming up with content for it ever.  It was easy it was just a matter of making the decision.

The truth is when it comes to talking about blogging, I have blogged about plugins, I have blogged about WordPress themes, I have blogged about SEO.


I have blogged about most of the internet tools under the sun lol.. And recently when I decide to come up with new content I just keep coming across a lot of the same type of things.

Of course there are always new tools and courses,trainings etc coming out but after a lot of trial and error I find a huge percentage of them are either carbon copies or basically BS.

So I don’t really want to make this just a blogging review site either, of course I signed myself up for a 100 Day Blogging Challenge and even if I have not been bang on time with my blog posts every day.  I still intend to complete them in the 100 day’s.

The thing is probably after the 100 days rather than blogging here daily I will post good blogging content or information as I come up with it.


From recent experiences I am beginning to believe that it is better to come up with great blog post ideas which can go viral and that take maybe a few days to complete.

Than to just type generally about a subject for 10 to 60 mins daily, Would be interested to also hear your opinions in the comments section below.

And do remember as I have done this many times before, picking a niche for a blog that you can only comfortably post a few times about. Is not really a great idea for a long term blogging strategy.

The one thing I do have to say though for my 100 Day Blogging Challenge is it has now taken this blog to well over 100 posts, which will hep to give it a bit more traction in the search engines as well. 🙂


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When Starting A Blog Pick The Right Niche

Re-invent,Re-incarnate,Re-Do Your Old Content

As with everything in life things change, products and services change,new businesses come and old businesses go.


As these things all happen your blog content can become old hat, some links no longer work,websites are cancelled. Affiliate programs close down or are cancelled.

As I was doing this 100 Day Blogging Challenge. By accident I discovered some of the blog posts that I created previously had dissapeared of my blog.

Luckily when I went to the wayback machine I was able to find them, there was lots of great information in the posts.

Only problem is the business I was in changed, I left it a couple of years after they made some changes I didn’t like. I just saw a video a few days ago saying they where going bankrupt which was not really surprising to me considering the changes they made previously.

So some things on the posts needed to be changed or updated but the majority of information and content is still great today 2 years later.

If you are brand new to blogging this will not be the case, but if you have been around for a few years like me.  I am sure you will be able to find some old blog posts which need some refreshing, or possibly rewrote completely.

Here are some of the things you should check when redoing your posts,


1.Have you a nice picture with your brand or logo?

2. Are the software and tools links on your posts still working, or do they need updated?

3. Is the business opportunity or opportunities you promote still exist, if not then update them with your new ones.

4.Is your post long enough, a few years ago Google was happy with a 300 word post. Now it is better to do articles with at least 500 words, preferably even over 1000 words. As they generally get a lot more traffic and rank better than short ones. In fact I recently did a 3000 word article as they rank even better again.

5. Make sure your content is unique and not copied from other websites or ezine directories, if you want the maximum effect from them.

6. Make sure everything on your post ties in properly with your new branding logos etc.

One of the mistakes a lot of new bloggers make is not having a purpose for each blog post. If you go back over your first post chances are that you made this mistake too. Just because it is an old post does not mean that people do not come across it on the internet or from Google.

So make sure as well as updating the post you repurpose it so it does something.

Some calls to action might be to

Click The Button Below

Download Your E-Book,

Sign Up For The Free Video Course

Buy Your Product

Buy Your Service

Like Your Facebook Page

Follow You On A Social Network

Ask a question and get the readers to interact in the blog  comments below.


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Re-invent,Re-incarnate,Re-Do Your Old Content

5 Things You Need To Succeed In An Online Business


When it comes to setting up an online business it may be pretty simple but it is not necessarily as easy as many gurus will tell you that it is.

The reason for this is often when you set up a business online it is unique, and with anything that is unique there will be trials and error involved as well as learnings and success. If you stick it out that long.

1.One of the things I think that is a necessity is a belief that it will work eventually.

2. You need to have determination and a willingness to either work or delegate work to other people.

3. You need to have systems in place in your online business if you want to create success. The systems can be your own or someone else’s, systems  the thing is I do not know of any online business that functions or makes any money without using a system.


Some system tools that I would recommend are Autoresponders , Hosting Accounts, Trainings, Integrating Payment Systems , Call to Action Software, WordPress Blog Or Website of course you will also need some hardware as well in order to set up all your online systems.

Of course you can also use ready made sales systems like you will find on Amazon,Ebay and some similar sites.

4. When your business starts growing I would also recommend getting other people in your team to help you manage your business. For this you can either outsource workers on a job to job basis from micro sites like Fiverr or Get A or on a monthly salary basis  for low prices from places like .

5. A suitable asset protection structure, there is no point in building a successful business if all your assets can be taken from you easily by the taxman or from a law suit, having your assets in the right structure can help to minimise your tax liabilities and also help protect your assets from predators who might like to take them off you.


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5 Things You Need To Succeed In An Online Business

Technology That I Can’t Live Without As A Blogger 😉

Well maybe I could but it’s things I definetely do not want to live without..  🙂

27 Inch IMAC.

Top Of My List comes my 27 Inch IMAC, after my first experience with a Macbook I never thought I would say this, but I love working on my IMAC. So it is now No1 on my list of marketing tools some of the features I love are voice to text which I can use for blog posting, social media updates. Another feature I would use quite a lot is photobooth for making videos. I noticed since I started using the Imac that my videos even my screenshare videos are much clearer than they ever where on my PC. If there was any feature that I would have added it would have been a Cd rom/DVD drive though as the computer is so thin it may not be easily achieved when keeping the look of the new Imac.

iMac 27 Inch

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Advent All In One PC

On those days when my Imac is busy on another task or a software is not compatible with a MAC.  I have my trusty old all in one PC although the video quality is not as good as the iMac. It is still a good ole workhorse only problem is on the PC I do not have A voice to text facility. And I have got a little spoilt with all the cook iMac features.

But when there is a great bit of software that only works on windows and not on Mac then having the PC saves the day so why have one or the other when you can have both instead. 😉

Advent All In One PC

Lenovo B50 23.8-Inch FHD Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop PC

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Recently I converted from Android over to IPHONE once again I am now also an IPHONE addict.   I use my Iphone quite a lot for instagram also for creating nice videos and quotes very easily using a new app which I will be sharing along with lots of other cool tips with my WA team very shortly.

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The Iphone gives great picture quality I love some of the cool Apps too most of them are Free but I bought my first Iphone App this week and I have to say it was well worth it.

iPhone 6


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Of course iPhones are great but well known for getting smashed so what iPhone is complete without A Brick screencover so next time the iPhone flies you don’t have to empty your wallet here is the one I use.


IPhone 5 In  Protective Cover

iPhone In Protective Cover

And Last but not least here is the iPhone in the cover 🙂



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iPhone 6 In Protective Cover


iPhone 6 In Protective Cover

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Acer Chromebook

I watched a video by a popular Internet marketer who was reviewing chromebooks and then last month when my old Macbook packed in I had only a large Sony Vaio laptop.  Which was a nighmare to carry to events or seminars.  Plus the battery time wasn’t great so a few weeks ago I went out and bought my first chromebook.  I love the chromebook as the battery lasts for 13 hours which is unreal it’s hardly ever on the charger. It is really handy and light to carry about the only thing I don’t do on it which I could do if I wanted using Hangouts or You Tube is create videos or pictures for my blog posts.

I can even work in bed with it, if I am in lazy mode I can do my blog post in bed it doesn’t get any better than that.  If you are someone with an online business and do not have a chromebook you are missing out and at only a couple of hundred pounds the chromebooks are a bargain if anything goes wrong with it you can easily buy a new one. 🙂

Acer Chromebook

White Acer Chromebook


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Yes what Internet Marketer is complete without their autoresponder?  You can set up all your emails to go out while you are sleeping or away on holiday. You really can’t beat that an autoresponder is the tool that really allows you to be able to make money while you sleep literally.  If you are a serious blogger or Internet marketer or intend to be then an autoresponder is a must have. You can click on the link below to get a Free trial for the Autoresponder I use and recommend

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Site Rubix Website Builder

In case you haven’t noticed this blog or website has been created on the Site Rubix Website Builder we get new features every few months including amazing blogging trainings that will transform your blogging and online business.  No matter what products or services or business you are running online, anything from a health and wellness blog to a car blog, Real Estate Listing Website, or just a place to share your hobbies or an online diary our system will suit you down to the ground starting at $0 a month for the Free Blog. Or if you want to upgrade their is also the premium version too which is $47 per month. The thing about this system VS a normal WordPress blog is easily created using our sitebuilder. All you need to do is pick a theme and a domain name and start blogging it’s as simple as that.

There is a huge amount of training videos included in the backoffice and Extra stuff in premium so even if you are brand new to this you should find it extremely simple to setup.


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 Lead Capture Page System

No blogging business is complete without the ability to make professional lead capture pages to build your list. I have been paying for lead capture page software for over 3 years now and it is a very important addition to any blogging business.  In order to get a huge following you need people to subscribe first and having a professional capture page with a great free gift to give away will increase your chances by 1000 Per Cent.

I was using another lead capture page software but recently signed up to this which is much much better than the one I had before.  The great thing I also love about this particular capture page software is you can actually try it before you buy it so you can try it today for free just click the link below to get instant access

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Technology That I Can’t Live Without As A Blogger 😉

How To: Set Up Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Desktop Drive on Mac OSX

Today I decided I had enough my iMac was running really slowly and I had a feeling it was due to the memory being nearly full.

My suspicion was confirmed when I discovered I had used up 9/10ths of it’s memory. So a quick trip to the shop and I came back with a 4TB Seagate mini hard drive.

I had one of my coaching clients having problems using a new hard drive on her Mac last week, And I found it a bit challenging myself. Not because I had no idea what to do.

It was because my Mac was running so slow it took me hours to get it working, here is the full step by step video. Make sure you watch it and listen in full before even attempting to use the hard drive 🙂   Enjoy


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How To: Set Up Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Desktop Drive on Mac OSX

Every Day Is A Gift Enjoy It


Every day that we wake up is a gift, I was just on Facebook and saw a friend of mine’s wife was just rushed into hospital.

She had a freak accident on a Golf cart her dog’s lead got tangled around the steering wheel, and she crashed off the side of the road and hit her head.. There was a lot of blood everywhere but she is going to be alright.

Another friend of mine on Facebook is leaving a hospice to go on a trip to the Philippines to visit old friends and family members there.

It is very sad to see someone who are living out their last days, going to more than likely see their family and friends for maybe the last time.

I went out to the shop today and on my way back I saw a woman lying at the side of the road and 4 people with her.

She had been on a motorbike and must have gotten hit by one of the two cars that stopped, she started taking violent convulsions at the side of the road, As a man was on his mobile phone calling an ambulance.

No one knows if this poor girl who looks in her twenties will survive such a terrible accident.  She probably just went out healthy and happy on a short trip, and it might be her last one.

The thing is we never know is the day it will be our life dangling on a thread or one of our loved ones.

So make the most of every day..  And live it like it could be your last .


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Every Day Is A Gift Enjoy It

My Blogging Challenges – Because Life Isn’t Always Plain Sailing

I was on a forum tonight and someone asked a question about what were your biggest blogging challenges. This is actually a completely Golden Question to ask someone with my experience.

As the answers could save you lots of hours of wasted time and money, trying to figure out the solutions.

My biggest blogging challenges were plugin conflicts, when you have a few plugins that do not work together. Your screen goes white and you cannot login to your WordPress back office. Or you get a wordpress error message when you try to login.

Other things which caused me challenges was a missing bit of html coding in blog posts. These could cause my theme to go topsy turvy. The sidebar would disappear and appear at the bottom of the blog posts.  Or the pictures in the website background would go weird and appear all over the place.

Another challenge was being hacked with too many sites on one server, I had about 600 websites at one stage and one night 300 of them were hacked at the same time.

Some more basic blogging challenges at the beginning of my blogging career was.

Creating Graphics for my posts

Getting Images To Appear From My Blog On FB Posts

Posting a You Tube Video On My Blog

Adding Buy Buttons Taking Payments On  My Blog Posts or Pages.


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My Blogging Challenges – Because Life Isn’t Always Plain Sailing

Your To Do List

Sotiris  —  August 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

Your To Do List

What’s on your to do list today?  Thing thing is your to do list or list of goals and dreams are what is going to determine your future, in order for something you want to happen in many cases you need to first decide on it.



It has been proven many times that by writing down your goals or things that you want to do, It will increase your possibility of getting them tremendously.


I know myself that when I go over my old todo lists, nearly every one of the things on my to do lists have been completed. I t doesn’t matter whether I go over to do lists written recently in the past year or ones I wrote as a teenager, I have done the majority of them. 

I am 100% sure the reason why people fail in life is not because they make a list of things to do, or a list of goals and never acheive them, normally their goals or to do list is too small.  Or they never get around to actually making one .

Or they might believe goal setting or to do lists are a bit like voodoo magic, not something they would like to be a part of.

The thing is if you thought your life and or the life of your family could greatly improve by making a to do list regularly.

Or creating a regular list of goals, these could be short term for today or next week, or long term maybe in the next ten years.


When going to any destination a journey normally always starts with a decision. A decision on where we want to go, once that decision is made then we decide on how we are actually  going to get there.


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Your To Do List

What Happened To Google Searches?

What really got rid of all the other search engines was that when Google came out and developed their algorithm it was very accurate.

If I typed in an exact keyword a site would come up that was completely related to the search,

As A blogger and online affiliate marketer lots of my stuff took a hit by their completely unfair and unrealistic practises and crazy changes.

In fact many blogs and great quality article directories where practically put out of business by them overnight.  Okay some SE

O people may praise these changes and think they are great but personally I think they suck. Even till this day when I am looking for something accurate I often will go to You Tube instead of Google.

Even though they own You Tube I still find it works like a search engine should.

At the end of the day if someone has registered a domain name called Tai Jitsu and someone types in Tai Jitsu Belfast and the website is about a Tai Jitsu Club in Belfast, I would expect to see it at the top of Google as that is what I actually want.

It makes sense right?  Often I type in keywords looking for something and what comes up Amazon links,Ebay,Gumtree.  Not the specialist website of the people who do exactly what I typed into Google for the search.

I suppose this has being going on for a while and people have just got used to it.  but I think this sucks and totally cuts out the people who actually make up the Internet.

The internet is about people getting connected sharing content and information, not being bundled with censorship and advertising from big companies everywhere they go.

Here is one example I go to Google and type in EPC Bangor  here is what I get

Now if you look at the top search for EPC Bangor it is the Yell Directory, what on earth has the yell directory got to do with getting an EPC in Bangor?

If I wanted Yell directory I would have typed in Yell directory to Google right..

Now if I go to to this other search engine and type EPC Bangor what do I get ?

I get exactly what I actually typed into the search engine EPC Bangor

If I go to You Tube and type in EPC Bangor what do I get ? Exactly what I typed in once again EPC Bangor. I rest my case..

Listen I am not one to bother or get overhyped about this stuff but the more censorship I see on Google,You Tube, Facebook ETC.. And when I say censorship I don’t mean blocking graphic or porno pictures.

I mean censoring anything they decide they don’t want you to see.

A friend of mine uploaded a video about David Wood talking about Empower Network going bankrupt. There was not one link on the video and it was promoting nothing.

The second that video was posted on Facebook it was removed and a message came up on her screen telling her this video has been removed for scam or deceptive content.

Another video I put on one of my other sites has been blocked or removed from You Tube multiple times. It is the true story about Hitler what really happened during World War 2.

    You can see it here

if it hasn’t been removed again. I keep finding it again and putting it back up.


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What Happened To Google Searches?