Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuc*ups

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Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuc*ups

I decided to sell one of my cars as I have too many after a few time wasters I had someone very keen to buy the car. In fact she lived over two hours drive away.

I think she was having problems coming up with all the money to buy the car and she made me an offer which was less than I was planning to take for the car.

After I said no she practically pleaded with me to drop to her price. It was at this stage I figured she genuinely didn’t have the money I had priced the car at.

As she was so keen, and also had to drive over two hours to get to it, I decided to accept her offer.

Last week she could not get a lift, so she said she would come down on Friday. She arrived as arranged at 11.30am to collect the car, walked up to me handed me the money.  She said my friend is going to drive it back for me, I put the money in my 9 seater van, brought over my receipt book. To give her a receipt.

As the guy got in the car to drive off he said it’s not automatic.   She said I thought it was automatic, my driving license only allows me to drive an automatic car.

I said in the advert that I had a problem using the clutch as I had a sore foot, and was selling the car as I needed to change to an automatic vehicle.

The moral of the story is don’t assume anything, make sure you ask first. If this lady had of read the ad properly she would have realised it was not automatic.  Or at least asked for clarification before saving for a week and doing a 4 and a half hour drive for no reason today.

I am pretty sure I could have found a much better plan for my day today,than the hour I wasted waiting and preparing for her arrival. She was very genuine and I was sorry and am pretty sure she was that things didn’t work out, as they were not planned lol..

It’s okay I am pretty sure the amount of regular Fuc*ups done on a daily basis are huge. So I don’t need to feel to bad that today I was involved in one of them.  At least I didn’t end up with a car on my roof.


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Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuc*ups


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