Article Writing Services

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Article Writing Services

Gone are the days when people could buy a PLR pack of 100 articles for $10 and post it on their website and get hoardes of free traffic from Google. Now if you want your website to rank then you will need to have high quality original articles that people love reading.

Article Writing Services

Article Writing Services

You will need to post these on a regular basis and share them on social media. When done properly these articles will bring traffic to your website from Google as well as using the social networks. Unfortunately copied duplicate content won’t rank on your site the way it used to.   Creating a site posting 100 blog posts in a day and just leaving it forever hoping it will rank will not help you either.

If you really want to get swarms of Free traffic from the search engines you will need to post unique original content/articles on a regular basis.

1.Possibly once or twice a day 7 days a week (best)

2. One post 5 days a week,

3. 2 posts a week on the busiest days.

4. Post once a week.

5. At least once a month unless you want your blog to be dead to Google.

Of course you can spend time doing these articles yourself or you could use our article writing service. We can supply you with 750 Word high quality unique articles by a professional UK Article Writer for your blog or website for only £20

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Article Writing Services


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