5 Tools That Could Transform Your Online Business

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5 Tools That Could Transform Your Online Business

In today’s post I will be keeping it pretty short and sweet but just because this is a short post does not necessarily mean that what you actually learn from it today.  Won’t completely transform your online business. Throughout years of working online I have realised just how much of a difference simple tools plugins and or software can make   to your online business.

Today I am going to be giving away to you some stars of the show that I have discovered.

  1. Managing your diary online – Many times when you are a business owner running an online or traditional business your day can be very busy.  Being able to schedule your day using an appointment or booking system makes it easier to get things fitted in around your schedule.  Here is a great piece of software I use for that the best part is the basic version is completely free.   Click Here For The Software
  2. Taking payments – This is a huge one when it comes to your income at the end of the month. In order to make money online especially from your website it is important to have a payment system that runs smoothly and is  straight forward to use. Over the years I have had hassle many times as a seller using Paypal or as a buyer trying to buy through Paypal.   I paid £3500 for an internet marketing mentorship and remember my mentor tested paypal VS a merchant account and Paypal lost him 40% of his sales.  Why, because many people where not Paypal members and didn’t want to become one.  Some people thought they couldn’t use their debit or credit card to pay with paypal.  And other times paypal forced them to take money from or add a debit or credit card to their account even if they had the funds in paypal to already pay for the item.  This happened to me two weeks ago when trying to buy a Twitter software.  I didn’t buy it in the end I ended my subscription,but after taking my advice they added another credit card payment system and I bought the software again yesterday.   Another thing that can lose you a fortune is asking for too many details in your shopping cart I paid $12’500 dollars over the last 8 years but the form to buy or get something free was huge.   And the amount of people who ended the process half way through was about 40%.      So on top of losing 40% of your sales to paypal there is another 40% loss because of the wrong shopping cart.    As it can be a lot of hassle and cost a monthly fee to get a merchant account and all kinds of hassle to get it I discovered this payment processor that is awesome called stripe.

Unfortunately without a good shopping cart setting up the payments can and will be a pain in the butt.  But this shopping cart increases your conversions by about 40% and allows you to set up the payment processor above with ease best of all you can sign up for a free trial and see how simple it is to use for yourself.

Click Here To Get A Free 30 day Trial

3.  As we are in the information marketing business being able to create forms that give us the required customer information that we need to fulfill the customers needs is extremely important.  I stumbled across this one by accident recently and inside discovered a wealth of information and great forms too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Click Here To See The Software It’s Free Basic Membership Too.

4. A website of your own is invaluable when it comes to building a following online, and making an income or sales using the internet.  I offer a personalised one on one coaching and website building service at Building A Better Blog.Com if you are pushed for money and cannot get the money to get started here is another option which is free

5. Having a system that can sell your business opportunities online is another very valuable tool for your Online Marketing Arsenal.  Systems help online marketers to make sales even when they are sleeping if you find this hard to believe there are countless stories of people on the Internet making money using their Internet Connection including me.

Check Out This Guy’s Story


5 Tools That Could Transform Your Online Business

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