5 Great Resources For Creating Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website

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5 Great Resources For Creating Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website

5 Great Resources For Creating Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website

Whether you think so or not having a small number of high quality backlinks can help to rank your blog or website. The thing is you do not want to backlink from directories or sites that are being penalised for doing this.  The best way is to use authority websites that are liked by the search engines these sites have lots of great quality content and regularly get a load of readers to them.

When getting a link back from another website here are a few things that are important to remember.


1. Make sure the article and or niche is relevant to the readers of the website for an example I know of one person who made thousands of dollars monthly from a diet website, he discovered a top website about dogs that had lots of traffic and had a very good domain authority.  He contacted the owner of the dog website and said if I send you an article about dogs will you allow me the link back to my site. If the article is relevant!!  (This is key).

He then wrote an article called how to walk your dog and lose weight at the same time.  This made the article now relevant to the dog website and also to his diet website.  The article was published and he got lots of traffic and link juice from it  and the dog owner got great content and more keywords for free to rank in the search engines.  (A win win situation).

2. Think about your exact target market, who will be your readers? Your article needs to be written to help solve their problem or give them really useful relevant information.




3. Read your article then use the so what question.  Do you ever go to a website and all that is written is ABC company is the best company, best compensation plan and everyone is so happy.   Be a critical thinker So What!!  Will it solve your problem or more importantly answer the questions or the problems of your customers?  If the answer is no then it is time for a rethink when creating your content.

4. Ask other people for their opinions about your article if you can ask people who know about this niche or area even better. Ask them what do you think?   And if so is what they are saying something you should listen too, have they a valid point or do they just like criticising?

5. What do you want to be the end result when people read your article?  Do you want people to visit your website? Subscribe to your list,follow you on Social Media or are you going in for the direct sale?


Some great resources for backlinks to your website

sites.google.com – You can go and create a website for free once you do this you create a few unique articles with your keywords and add a backlink to your blog or website.  Not only will the Google website rank high on Google because it is on Google.com but there will also be a backlink from a PR 10 blog pointing to your website/blog

Gumtree.comYou can post a gumtree ad about your business products and or services and for £5 you can also add your website url this will get you a link back from gumtree while your article is live and will also help your link juice and Google ranking. Not only will your ad rank but your back linked website will rank higher too. 

Blogger.comOnce again you can do the same thing you did for sites.google.com setting up an account on blogger is free, all you do is login with your gmail address.

Warrior ForumWarrior forum has been a very popular Internet Marketing Forum for years it may cost you a one off payment to join. But it get’s lots of traffic and also has a very high domain authority.  When you create your account go in and create a signature with a link to your website or blog.  This once again will help your link juice you can also blog in the warrior forum and this will also rank high on the search engines too. 

Quora.comQuora is another forum where people go to ask questions on different subjects register for free and find people asking questions on your topic or niche. Then you can answer them and if it looks appropriate then you can post a link to your blog or website where you answered their question.  Maybe with a blog post or video once again this gets you direct traffic from Quora plus also gets targeted visitors/subscribers to your website.

5 Great Resources For Creating Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website

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