12 Mistakes Newbies Make When Creating A Blog Or Website

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12 Mistakes Newbies Make When Creating A Blog Or Website

  1.  They don’t start to build a database or list on a proper autoresponder system, many times they think by doing this they are saving money but it actually costs them money not building a mailing list of active subscribers.
  2. They choose a free website like one on wordpress.com or blogger unfortunately this means their blog or website is hosted on someone else’s land. So anytime one Google employee doesn’t like something they see or on your website or are even just having a bad day all your work can be deleted and disappear at the touch of a button.   Would you build a traditional business in your neighbours garden?   If not then I would gave you the same advice for starting up your own blog or website.
  3. Not getting a mentor and trying to learn everything themselves, this can work out okay but can increase your learning curve by years. Question you need to ask yourself is how much is a few years of your time worth and if you work out the price.  You might find getting a mentor who has experience starting up online businesses is a lot cheaper.
  4. After 5 years of working online they still call themselves a newbie.  In fact I know one person who has be doing stuff more than double this time and still acts like they are a newbie.  The fact is nobody wants to learn how to build their business from a newbie. So once you learn how to do something properly then you are no longer a newbie.  Remember to Learn – Do -Teach.
  5. They ask their friends for help to setup their online business.  If your friends don’t make much money online getting them to teach you how to setup an online business, is probably not the best or most profitable idea.
  6. They skimp on the tools and or services they really need to save a few $$$$$$$$..   Problem is it can end up costing them thousands in wasted time and energy by doing the wrong things.
  7. They focus on their business!! Yes instead of focusing what their customer wants they focus on what they want instead.  This is an instant way to lose money, nobody cares that you want to make money online, they are online trying to find the solution for their own problems. So if you don’t solve their problems with what you have to offer then the chances are you won’t make too much money.
  8. No call to action- After blogging for anywhere from 10 mins to 2 hours or more, what would you like your reader to do at the end of reading your content.  Missing this is a huge mistake which could and likely will leave you broke.
  9. Not having a proper payment system this is huge.  There are many payment systems quite a lot of them are crap I am not going to go into the detail in this blog post. But from experience I can tell you it is true if you want to make more money setup a good payment system on your blogs or websites from day 1. Here is the one I use.
  10. Jumping from one thing to another and not getting anything finished properly this is another big way to end up being a broke blogger.  When you start something see it through to the finish before starting your next project, at least until you start making some money anyway. 🙂
  11. Wanting everything to be perfect – Chances are everything will never be perfect, the time, the place,the video,the product,the free giveaway to build your list.  Just do it and put it out there don’t wait for two years to share your first blog post on social media JUST DO IT…
  12. They don’t know what type of person is their ideal customer, just by doing this it can make targeting your market and creating content much easier, and will also get you much better results.


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12 Mistakes Newbies Make When Creating A Blog Or Website

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