10 Reasons To Blog Daily On Your Blog Or Website

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10 Reasons To Blog Daily On Your Blog Or Website

In today’s post I will be talking about 10 reasons that you should blog daily on your blog or websites.  Even if it sounds hard work I do believe that the benefits of blogging daily outweigh the challenge of doing it.  Of course only you can decide what your opinion is on the subject of blogging daily.

So lets start going through some of the reasons to blog daily on your blog or website. But firstly lets talk about the challenges of blogging daily .


10 Reasons To Blog Daily On Your Blog Or Website

Here Is The Hard Part

  1. It’s not always easy coming up with regular new content on a daily basis.
  2. You have to put aside ten mins  till 1 hour per day to be able to create and post the content
  3. You might need to learn how to do blogging and take some lessons, and you may have to create a blog or website, or get someone to create one for you.
  4. There are many different kinds of content creation,Video,Audio,Infographics,Written content creation as well, learning them will take you some time energy and probably a good bit of money as well.
  5. Not everyone will respect your time or the importance of you doing your daily blog work.

Here are the reasons why I think you should blog daily.

  1. Dedication when people see you are dedicated to your cause/business, they will realise you are serious about what you do. And come to you for help advice and expertise on the subject you are discussing.
  2. Google loves regular content that is original and interesting and will send more people to your website via Google  search.
  3. By blogging daily your writing style and content will improve, it will also become easier to create content as you start becoming a pro
  4. When you blog daily people get to know that you are a regular blogger. And will go back to visit your website looking for more content and tips from you.
  5. Keywords, when you blog daily you increase the amount of keywords and search terms that people can find your website with. This then increases your traffic from the search engines too, which is a win win situation for sure.
  6. Learning-  When you are creating content or blogging about a subject daily you build a lot of knowledge, especially while doing the research and or trainings to learn the stuff in the first place.
  7. Credibility- By blogging regularly and learning all the ins and outs about your subject, you gain Credibility as it is obvious for people to see that you know what you are talking about.
  8. Become a Pro- If you do 10,000 hours on any subject you will be in the top 5% of people on the planet. So if you want to be great at anything start doing it and blogging about it daily and eventually you will be a pro..
  9. If your competitors are not blogging daily they are going to rank for a lot less keywords than you eventually, This means after a while you will be blowing away your competition online.
  10. In life we develop habits, there are good habits and bad habits. Blogging daily is a good habit because it helps you grow, it helps your business grow. And you need to be actively improving your business if you want it to grow. If you leave the garden the weeds will take over.  Don’t let the weeds of excuses take over your business.

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10 Reasons To Blog Daily On Your Blog Or Website


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