How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free


Often what you can or can not get depends on your mindset and your point of view.  If you believe that you can do or get something, then you will find away.  On the other hand if you believe there is a problem with getting something for free or it isn’t possible then normally it will not be difficult to prove yourself right. 🙂

Below is an example of a post I made on a free website/forum just asking a simple question

How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

In fact I actually have a method where people pay me to write blog posts for my websites as well, so you can even take it one step further than getting people to write for you for free.

I personally would be very happy to supply a website with an article for free if I knew it was in my niche and would give me some extra free advertising/exposure online for my business.

I just happened to see a post on a website this evening where a number of people where complaining about people trying to get people to write blog posts or content for free.

I know quite a lot of marketers or coaches who speak at events around the world for free. At the end of the talk they make an offer to the audience to buy their products or services. In fact one mentor of mine who I happened to see live spoke to an audience of 4000 People in Brighton UK and made £995,000 pounds in 30 mins speaking for free when he made an offer at the end to the audience. In fact I was one of the people who bought his £3500 pound program along with three or 4 other programmes that day.

How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

As a blogger and content marketer I know a lot of other bloggers including friends relatives and colleagues who make money blogging, as well as writing stuff for free, or paying people to publish their stuff.

Many bloggers will also do reviews of products or services in exchange for being sent the product or service by the company. They just give their honest opinion about the product or service that they received. I got an offer like this yesterday but since it was a platform I do not use or want to use I turned it down. But a few weeks ago I got a similar offer which turned out to be a great hosting service, which I did a review and live training on.

In fact the hosting service was so good I have been seriously contemplating leaving my current hosting provider.  Even though changing hosting accounts is generally a huge pain in the ass. And not something I do very often unless I am practically forced to.

If you are looking for some tips on how to get people to write your blog posts or content for free, here are a few things that might help out.

  1. Ask a few questions before picking guest posters for your blog, some samples of their previous articles, what their niche is and is it compatible with your audience.
  2. Use Copyscape,  it may cost a few dollars but you will be able to check if the content they are sending you is available elsewhere on the internet. And therefore not unique, if you want it to rank well you should only post good quality unique content that is not copied from anywhere else.
  3. Find writers who are trying to build a portfolio of work to show prospective customers or employers, often they will be delighted to write an article or two for your blog.
  4. Use Google or other search engines to find forums or websites where people are wanting to do guest posting.
  5. It is always a great idea to ask the writers to send you the article, and review it to make sure it passes your criteria before you agree to publish it on your blog.

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How Can I Get People To Write Blog Posts For Free

It’s much easier to start a business in 2018 than ever


I would like to talk to you about how it’s actually a lot easier now than ever to start a business online. If you go back even 2 or 3 years ago, it would have been quite difficult to start an online business. There’s a lot of things you need to know and they are really complicated. But now, things are simplified. There’s really just a few things that you need to set up a business online. It’s as simple as a website, a system for creating your opt-in and sales pages, and a way to actually make payments. These are the tools that are available and they are at a much higher and better level than they used to be. What actually brought up the topic of this conversation was that I saw one of the people who I learnt a lot of stuff from years ago. I actually just happened to go. I saw they were doing some crypto stuff, and I think that the cryptocurrency stuff is highly speculative. I think it’s a bit too gambly for me and I don’t like the way all these programs get set up around it and they’re sort of based on a scheme set up.

It Is Much Easier To Start A Business In 2018 Than Ever..

Personally, I didn’t want to go into the cryptocurrency as a business. I wouldn’t be against getting cryptocurrency but I wouldn’t want to be in one of those types of businesses. I believe there are lots of real businesses online, real products and services that you can offer people and you can actually make money without having to take part in schemes like that. So really, after one of the cryptocurrency companies seemed to go down, I saw that one of my mentors who had been into that company in a big way started advertising his traditional company. This was because the cryptocurrency company has gone down the tube. I learnt a lot of very valuable information from him, with regards to working and marketing online. When I went to do a payment to join his company for $7 for a seven-day trial, when I looked I realised he was using Samcart for that. I have used Samcart and I think it’s great, I think it’s really good, but one downside is that over a very long period of time it costs a lot of money. So if you’re on this Livestream and you want to see, I actually did a breakdown of how much extra money it would cost you and all of the benefits.


The thing about these shopping cart systems is they’re really good, they’ll make you a lot of money, you’re much better to have one because you’re gonna lose money on upsells, reoccurring stuff and not being able to track whats going on if you use an ordinary payment system such as stripe or PayPal or something.  Plus it doesn’t look as professional. When you put a good payment system together, you put a proper optin system for building up your subscribers and you connect that to an autoresponder and you have a ready-made business. Instead of paying the likes of Samcart $199 a month to run your affiliate program, you can buy a one-off licence to a shopping cart that’s much better. It’s $599 for life, I thought it would actually be gone by now, but it’s still there, so that’s great. It means you pay that once and you have the shopping cart and all the upgrades forever.

My last shopping cart, which I paid for 10 years, cost me nearly $1500. Buying a shopping cart for $595 for life which does about fifty times what my former shopping cart did, is really just common sense. When you have the optin subscriber system which is about $200 and you have your autoresponder which is $19 a month and you have your website, once you have those things you really have your own online business completely set up. You can sell whatever you want to sell, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, you could be a dentist, you could be a doctor, you could be an online digital marketer, you could be selling writing, art. You could be selling any number of things. You can sell services, like some clients that I have made websites for. They sell appliance repairs services and appliances. You could be selling energy certificates. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you could have an online business for a really, really low cost.

Some people say “oh well I thought I could get started on the internet for free” The truth is you can’t get started on the internet for free with a proper business. If you try and do it for free you’re gonna be hosted on Google, you’re gonna be using free tools which are crap, and you’ll be using all these free tools that are useless and make your business look bad. You do need to invest. If you’re starting a business and you have your shopping cart, optin software, you’re talking another £20-100 a month for your autoresponder depending on how big your list is. You’ll need a few hundred dollars a month and a couple of grand to get the things that you need to have your business up and running online properly. The alternative of that is, of course, is the dreaded job security which isn’t very secure and it depends on someone else. It depends on a company, it depends on where their blinkers are going, where they’re looking for the future, whether they’re still going to be open in a year, whether they’re gonna sell it to someone else and gonna close it down, whether your boss is still gonna be healthy enough to run the business in 5 years. Is your job still gonna be there? These are all things you have to look at, and when you’re going down the job security route, the other thing you have to remember is you’re getting taxed at source. So if you’re depending on a job, and you’re getting taxed at source, you immediately lose 20-45% before you get to spend it on your business or lifestyle. You don’t even have a choice to spend that money because it’s been taken straight off you. By having your own online business, you can spend your money and you’re taxed on what your profits are.

All these softwares that will take you thousands of dollars over the years are tax-deductible, so it comes off your tax bill. The optin software is tax deductible. The hosting you’ll need is tax deductible. Your autoresponder is tax deductible. All those things are tax deductible. If you have a website like I have, and I write an article on the place I went on holiday, that is a tax-deductible expense because I went to a country to do a review to be able to create content for my website. I have a friend who has a wine review web site, and every time he goes out and buys wine, he goes and reviews it. Any wine that he buys is also tax deductible. You can do the same with technology if you’re doing reviews of technology, you might need to be some of the latest technology to do reviews. That’s the cost of you doing business. I’m not a lawyer, and I’m sure everybody has different rules, but if you look at it from a common sense point of view it just makes a lot more sense to have an online business than it does to be dependant on a job. You’re also saving yourself all the other heartaches that you’re gonna have in a normal business, you’re gonna have loads of staff, you’re gonna pay a big shop. If you go into most towns in the UK, or Ireland, or in these different countries, you’re gonna see that the main streets in the towns are empty. A lot of people will say to you “oh the main streets in the towns are empty because everybody’s buying stuff online” and in a small degree that’s true, a lot of people are buying stuff online, they are going to Amazon or other reputable companies and they’re buying their stuff on the internet and they don’t have to go to all of the stores that they used to. The reason why a lot of these shops or business are completely empty is because they’re paying extortionate taxes.

A massive B & Q in Belfast closed down, and god knows how many thousands of employees lost their job from that store. The rates bill for that B & Q store was 6 million pounds a year. If you’re in a traditional business, a lot of you will get put out of business by the taxes that you’re gonna pay on these huge premises or just premises in huge ratable locations. This is another reason why you want to take your business online because if you take your business online, you won’t be liable to pay these types of expenses that you’ll have elsewhere. The other thing about online businesses is, you get an opportunity to get a residual income. You can get a residual income, you can sell products, you can sell services that pay you monthly. For example, one business that I saw charges $125 and teaches you stuff about internet marketing and how to build your business, stuff like that. You become an affiliate, and for each person you bring in the business, you get $100 commission for each person and they keep $25. So you get a residual for each person who comes in that business of $100 a month. That person basically learns how to market online, and that’s residual. So you’re getting that every month.

Right now, I have a couple of things that I, in the planning phase here, for setting up some online coaching services and businesses. I’m actually looking for a good name for it, I’ve actually gotten a good few names for my businesses. It was called digital marketing academy, but it wasn’t available on GoDaddy. I also have domains already, I have a domain called, a domain called, and I’ve some other domains like that. I’m actually looking a domain, what I’m gonna do is, using this piece of software that takes payments, it also runs your affiliate programs. So it’s very easy for you to set up an affiliate program and sell your own products. These could be low price products, or it could be high price products. It allows people to pay you via ApplePay, PayPal, or credit and debit card. But, the thing about it is is, I am going to set up an affiliate program. I’m going to set up a high priced affiliate program where people get paid a very large commission. It will be a course where there’s loads of information and lots of stuff. It’s gonna be high priced and you’re gonna be able to resell it and get a thousand dollar commission. The other thing that I’m in the process of setting up, is another residual training system. Like I said if you have any ideas for good names for me, I would really appreciate it. I looked up but I couldn’t get it. I’m normally really good at domain names, but for some reason, the last day or two I’m not in the mood for thinking them up. I haven’t thought up a really good name yet for this.

The thing is, with the software, the payment system, I have decided to set up another system where you get paid. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to set up something like that yourself if you want. Message me and I can talk to you more about it. But, the thing is, that if you set up a system like this, and it’s then your system, you will get commissions and you can also decide on a good affiliate commission for affiliates. Some of the businesses that I was in before were brilliant, they paid out really good affiliate commissions, they gave me the ability to make over $50,000 commissions from that one business and loads of other people made tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you’re able to have an affiliate system that pays out good commissions, some residual and maybe some high ticket commissions, it’s a way for you to make a lot of money. By joining other people’s ones, when they change the rules or change the plans, it messes you up. It makes you look bad in front of your clients and customers. You introduced them to it, so you’re at fault if something bad happens. If you’re running your own system, and you’re running your own online business, then nobody can mess that up for you. The only person that can mess up your online business is yourself.


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It’s much easier to start a business in 2018 than ever


The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging

I have been blogging online for well over 12 years. People think making money online is easy, but it isn’t.

It takes work it takes some initiative, and a bit of imagination, you need a desire for what you are doing if you are going to continue doing it long term.

After creating more than 1000 Blogs and websites for people online and coaching people how to blog from scratch there is one single characteristic with people who fail.


They quit before they even get started, they tell themselves this BS story. It may be some stupid excuses like I cannot afford it. I am too busy with my job.  In most cases, they never even create their first blog post.

After this, they will then tell themselves another stupid BS story like I made a website but it didn’t make any money or it’s too hard.   Let’s be honest here if you came to work and in order to get paid you needed to write 1000 Words per day.

And you sat on your ass and did nothing, would your boss pay you?  I don’t fucking think so.  So why would you dream of being so fucking lazy on the internet? Would you hire yourself to start being the content creator on your website? If not then it’s time to get your finger out.

I think some people think it is like a lotto ticket maybe.  You do a draw. The draw is creating or paying someone to make you a website and then you wait for the winning numbers to come up.

The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging Before You quit

Sorry my friend but until you have some content a buy button build a bit of credibility by communicating with people on your website and social media. There is no fucking lottery available, your readers, your advertisers, your buyers are your lottery money.

But if your site isn’t even selling the lottery tickets then you have no fucking chance to get paid, let’s not be an idiot here.  I hope you are past the Santa Clause stage of your life and you aren’t still waiting on the tooth fairy.

The truth is if you are an adult and you still have this mentality chances are your wallet your bank account and your finances may be suffering right now.  Unless you got married to the lottery or your parents gave you the Golden Goose and you haven’t sold it yet.

The thing is you only get one life I saw a very hard working colleague of mine had passed away recently I just happened to see it by accident in a Belfast Telegraph article on my Facebook feed.


If you are going to truly live an above average life then being an employee is becoming a less and less likely way to get what you want out of your life.  Not only are your taxes far higher but everything is reliant upon someone else’s plans.

Let me wake you up right now, if you are reliant on a government or some business owner boss’s plans then you are heading up shit creek possibly without a paddle.  Of course for someone who does not want to take on any responsibility or initiative, it may seem great.

But when you are 50,60,70 years old and are sick and broke chances are you will wish you had done things differently in your life.  Don’t end up living a life of regrets, live a life full of joy, doing what you love, and take 100% responsibility for your business/businesses and your finances.


The mistake I find many employees do is they look to join other businesses companies MLM’s looking for a quick fix. Instead of building their own brand, their own business, their own customers and subscribers.  In fact, many of them are so clueless they only thing they talk about is the name of the company they are in.

This is stupid for many reasons, although it is, of course, great for the company getting free advertising and getting the majority of the profits.

Before you quit your blog or website ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Have you blogged or posted content regularly for at least one year?
  2. Have you got great products and services that people would take your hand off to buy or affiliate products?
  3. Have you invested in all the systems and tools you need to make the business run smoothly?
  4. Have you advertised your content all over the social networks or done paid advertising starting at least $5 a day.
  5. Have you branded yourself well and included what you can do to help solve your reader’s problems.
  6. Are you building a list of subscribers when someone visits your blog or website?
  7. Have you decided on how to monetise your blog or website?
  8. Are the commissions on sales that you are making high enough to be able to quit your job when things do eventually take off.
  9. Have you a mentor who has made money online before to show you what to do step by step when you are stuck?
  10. If you do not like writing or any other content creation methods. Have you looked at all the ways that are available to you?  Like Blogging, Interviews, Videos, Podcasting, Talking Your Blog Pots Etc.

If not then why are you giving up on your business before you gave it a chance to get started?

Are these steps so hard that you would prefer to end up spending your life being dictated to by an employer and working yourself to death for very little reward?   Surely you are worth more than that.


If you feel you are, then get right back into it starting today.


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The No1 Reason For Failure When Blogging

Black Friday Best Deals Online

Sotiris  —  November 24, 2017 — 5 Comments

Black Friday Best Deals Online


It's Black friday Again





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Black Friday Best Deals Online


8 Ways To Make Money On Your Website Or Blog

8 Ways To Make More Money From Your Blog Or Website



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8 Ways To Make Money On Your Website Or Blog

Is Honesty Bad For Business?

Well it can be sometimes. The truth is something a lot of people do not want to hear. Even when it comes to Facebook I think I have about 3800 friends instead of 5000 like some of my other friends or colleagues do.

The reason for this is that they are careful what they say, often they will not say what they think (the truth) in fear of offending some of their audience or friends.

What that means is that many people are happy to live a lie, to avoid anyone getting any uncomfortable or in case it affects their bottom line.

Personally I will tell you the truth whether you are ready to hear it or not. Knowing the truth will give you a valuable insight into what you can do to improve your game.

Whether this be about your health,wealth,relationships,attitude or any other specific topics.

One saying that drives me mad is ignorance is bliss, In 99% percent of these cases I would agree with the late Jim Rohn and say ignorance is a catastrophe.

People die prematurely and often live a completely fucked up life because of their ignorance about certain subjects. Often this ignorance and suffering also passes down to their family through the generations.  And in some cases their friends too.

The truth is when a train is coming straight at you down the tracks, whether it be a health issue,financial problem, relationship problem or anything else.  Turning the other way and pretending it is not there is not going to stop it.

I actually saw a comment on Facebook someone made last night and got into a bit of a debate over it, Someone was talking about supporting people using chemo for cancer.

I know very well how toxic it is and how it is all about profit not healing anyone.

I took this extract from a friend of mine who commented at the end of the post, this talks about health and is honest not the BS you get from your doctors.


Justin Zalewski

I’d like to clarify a few things here. The information I post about health is from trusted sites after I have personally evaluated the information. I have spent at least the last decade researching health for many thousands of hours.

I have also worked with many people who were told by their doctors that they had an incurable disease and were just completely and totally poisoned by the doctors they went to see.

From my direct experience if anyone I knew ever became sick or wanted help in healing, the Dr is the last place I’d ever send them.

Doctors always treat the symptoms and never actually deal with the cause. Some Dr’s are nice caring and compassionate people who can be sincere but they are sincerely wrong.

The reason you got cancer or any other disease is because you have violated your body and the illness is the perfect feedback about just how badly that violation has been.

This usually happens because of poor quality nutrition, not being adequately hydrated, a lack of exercise, a lack of vitamin D because people don’t go out in the sun enough without applying horribly toxic sunscreen. Another crucial aspect of health is to detoxify our bodies properly, especially a 7-day liver cleanse and removing mercury fillings and all of the synthetic plastics out of our fat tissues. Also stress has a massive impact on destroying your health. This is because when we are stressed our bodies produce adrenaline and cortisol, which closed down our immune system and our elimination system. These chemicals are essential for very short bursts of time if we want to try and outrun a sabre toothed tiger but the sad reality of modern day living is that most people are living with unhealthy levels of stress in their bodies.

The most important aspect of anyone’s healing, which is usually over looked by Allopathic medicine, is where does that person live emotionally. If the person has unresolved emotional issues and limiting beliefs these issues and beliefs can keep someone permanently sick.

Using Chemotherapy, Radiation or surgery to address the above issues cannot and will not work and will only totally destroy an already seriously compromised body.

I hear this one phrase almost every week from someone who has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

They say, “I previously had cancer but whenever I went for my check up they said it has come back.”

And I say it never came back because it never went away. This is because the treatments they provide only mask the symptoms and have never truly dealt with the cause.

I’m very used to getting attacked for posting articles on health, from unconscious people or Big Pharma shills, who have read some article about health or cancer on some dreadful site like (where lazy people go to do research) or some Big Pharma bought and paid for study where the results have already been determined before the study even takes place.

In my experience cancer is not a difficult disease to heal from but if you believe the Dr is God or you refuse to accept full responsibility for creating your illness then you likelihood of surviving is slim.

With empathy and compassion

Justin Zalewski


The thing is many people live in a delusional world  created by their TV, their doctor. being brainwashed in schools.

Watching the news listening to the Zionist run media.

People are programmed to become employees in schools working like sheep all their lives for private corporations which they believe are owned by the people,like the tax authorities,councils,TV Licensing.

They gladly fork out 20 – 40% of their earnings at source because it is easier than being financially educated and understanding how the government scam really works.

There are many perfectly legitimate ways to avoid tax but it’s certainly not by being an employee. That’s for sure.

So yes in some cases people like me will tell you the truth and if you really research into it and open your mind and accept it.   It will change your life, others will get offended as it goes against their sheep programming.  And they will prefer to believe things like taking vaccines filled with toxic Mercury and dead animal and aborted baby parts is good for you.

They will unfriend you on Facebook. When their child dies or gets cancer,autistic or paralysed after a vaccine they will deny it was the vaccine. And say the doctor is doing everything they can to help by prescribing more toxic drugs. To make more profit for the pharmaceutical companies.

Unfortunately these unconscious people are going to be on a rough journey unbeknownst to their ignorance, being sick or dead because of ignorance.And giving an extra 20% to 40% of your income to a private corporation will not improve your life. That’s for sure..

So when creating your business whatever it is, you need to decide whether you choose to be honest and try and help people or say nothing and extract money from them. And turning a blind eye to their problems.  Or even worse be too programmed to even realise that  there is actually a problem with what’s going on in the first place.

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Is Honesty Bad For Business?

WordPress Is A Blogging Platform Even If It Is Also A Website


I heard something really funny the other day someone told me that they didn’t order a website of me because it was a blog and it didn’t have the same functionality of a website.

Me being me I had to have a look, now there is a way to not be able to find out this way. And that is if the wordpress blog has a specific security system installed.

Normally if you want to find if a website is on wordpress the simplest way to check is type in the url to the address bar EG. and then type in wp-admin at the end of it with no space.

If it is a wordpress blog/website then you will see the wordpress login very simply.

I used to also have a plugin that told you if the site was on WordPress and what theme it was using but unfortunately that has now been discontinued.

The thing is wordpress is a great platform for building a website or a blog as there are so many great features that make it easy to improve.

There are hundreds of thousands of Themes to improve the look of your websites many with great customising features, there is a huge array of WordPress Plugins which can do pretty much anything you can think of.

Once you learn the backoffice which might take a few days using a wordpress website is very simple. So I would highly recommend it.

There are three ways you can go that I would recommend.


1. Is get a hosting account and then start teaching yourself using info you find online how to create your website or blog.

2. Use this platform to get your first 2 blogs for free and get two weeks free training in the process.

3. Choose my business blog setup package where I help you setup and do everything and fastrack the whole learning process for you using my 12 years online marketing experience

Remember your most valuable life commodity is your time so if you can save yourself years of learning using my experience you may find it worth paying that little bit extra.

Hope you found this useful 🙂

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WordPress Is A Blogging Platform Even If It Is Also A Website

How Your Brain Works With Zig Ziglar


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How Your Brain Works With Zig Ziglar

In Business You Need To Strike While The Iron Is Hot


When it comes to buyers,prospects or whatever you would like to call them. They are on a journey,and when they come to you, they have arrived at a certain point in that journey.

There are some times for whatever reason they will not be ready to proceed, but when they are you shouldn’t do stupid stuff to hold the process back.

I recently did a business mentoring program and one of the subjects always mentioned was the importance of your time. The thing is people truly do not give a shit about your time in most cases, they just want something done for them.something to change for them. Yes they just want a result, beating around the bush acting important or busy not answering your phone or calling them back when you said you would. Will piss them off, I am talking from my own experiences here.

The thing is I generally do not beat around the bush, if someone rings me and wants a new website or a coaching session I send my buy link right away and say let’s get you started.

Waiting for days weeks or months when the planets all align is maybe good for gamblers but not for business.

In today’s online world people who F around will lose business,and that’s just a fact.

One other thing you need to think about is your customer, what do they want or actually need?  If you forget about their needs or what they want out of your business deal then why should they remain loyal to you?

To be honest I am sick of hearing about the high price on your time and making yourself  hard to contact and seem busy all the time.

Personally when I see people do this I can see right through it most of the time.  There is the odd occasion when the person in question, is actually genuinely busy and needs you to make an appointment.

This was the case with a Kinesiologist I went to see a couple of months ago she was booked up with appointments for 6 months, now that’s what I call busy.

As time goes on more and more people are looking online at reviews when it comes to something as simple as getting a takeaway, booking a hotel, or even getting some work done on your house.

Having a line of great reviews from happy customers saying how fast and efficient you are will always make you that bit busier than the ones who don’t put in the effort or drag their feet when going after new business.

Most people will make this mistake at some point in their business, the thing is you can take a huff with the customer and blow them off like it’s their fault.

Or learn from it and improve your communication skills so that the next time your customer is waving money in front of you. Take it and do the job they asked you to do as well as possible.


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In Business You Need To Strike While The Iron Is Hot