Your Lucky!!

Sotiris  —  July 9, 2017 — 8 Comments

Your Lucky!!

This is day 7 of the 100 day blogging challenge and just to let you know just because you are blogging daily doesn’t mean you have to create huge 1000 Word articles every day.

Your Lucky

Again for me it was a busy day today lots to do I could have created a long written blog post but I decided to create a video instead.  I made two versions one with music one without for my You Tube friends.  Even if bought and paid for music licenses for the music I still get hassle from them every now and again..   So it’s easier just avoiding having music in the You Tube videos altogether.   Here is my version with the background music.

Happy Blogging My Friends


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Your Lucky!!


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8 responses to Your Lucky!!

  1. A very clever view of life! I also heard that I’m lucky, many times. And as you mention it’s not about being lucky at all. I think you have many great insights in this post and video. We can all make decisions that change our life, but I think many people don’t realize or dare to realize. I think your idea to help people with this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much Linda for your kind words.   If people just set their sites a little higher, or set their sites at all, they could realise that their life could be a fairy tale 🙂    Imagination has no limits..  If you can think it and see it you can do it..  

  2. I really like the idea of blogging everyday! But I find it so difficult to find the time and space each day and even just the thought of having to sit down and do it gets overwhelming. I’ve recently come to realize that IT’S OKAY to not be cranking out 1500 word articles 3 or 4 times a week. In fact, that’s virtually impossible for me as I am not blogging as a full time job. I’m in college studying and working really hard already!

    Sometimes when I get overwhelmed and stressed out, I have to stop, look around, and realize that all of these wildly high expectations have come from no one else but myself. I’m my meanest critic! haha

    I think it’s time for me to let go of expectations and invest in myself. Trust in my passion for writing and my material to fuel time and energy commitment.

    Thanks for your great ideas!



    • Hi Helen sometimes the thought of doing something is worse than the task itself.  With the hundred day blogging challenge I would say to just sit down for ten mins every day and write.   Doesn’t have to be 1000-1500 words. Somedays it could be a few hundred, somedays bigger than that.   

      It’s just something that get’s you into the habit of regular content creation as well. 

      Thank you for your comments Helen have a great weekend 🙂 

  3. Ive been on a cruise on the MSC range of ships and the the food is amazing! All you could ever eat. I found the best food on a cruise to be the pizza they made around midnight to help with the endless drinks you seem to consume onboard. The formal dinners are also a noce place to meet other couples.

    Thanks for the info.


    • Sounds like a lot of fun Trevor 🙂 ,  I like travelling to Europe by car or campervan as I have relatives in Greece and a house by the sea in Bulgaria.   The best part is driving through all the different countries sampling the foods.  Holland,France,Italy,Germany,Luxembourg,Belgium,Switzerland,Hungary,Romania,Bulgaria and Greece.   I really love Switzerland and Greece the most just something about them. 

      The pizzas in Greece are awesome too..  The Italian pizzas do not come close..  🙂

      Have a great weekend Trevor 

      Successful Blogging..  

  4. Hi sotiris! really cool and unique blog you have here, really glad I ran into this post and really cool life you’ve got there. I have found your content really useful as I just started blogging and monetize it in the future as I wish to have a passive income!
    All the best to you and have bookmarked your page! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comments 🙂  wishing you lots of success in your blogging and passive income along the way.  🙂 

      Enjoy your weekend..   


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