How To Create Content For Your Blog While Sitting In The Car

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How To Create Content For Your Blog While Sitting In The Car

I am sure you have heard of listening to audios while sitting in the car before.  This is a habit I have especially if I am travelling somewhere that is an hour or more driving.

The thing is I have a 10 Month old son called Xander and when mummy is away the last thing I want is too disturb him from his morning nap in the car. So I bring my chromebook with me and create my blog posts while he is sleeping like what I am doing right now.

Now of course not everyone will have a sleeping 10 month old child in the car like me. But once again instead of bringing your chromebook with you or laptop and typing out some blog posts here are some other ways that I use to create content.


If you have your phone hooked up/attached to the window you can create a Facebook live or Periscope. Another alternative is to record an audio I use an App which I have on my iPhone the software costs $197 it works on an iPhone or your desktop or iPad I think it is amazing and it also distributes your podcasts to iTunes and lots of other services as well.

Another thing you can do if you have an iPhone or Samsung smartphone you can talk your blogpost. Yes instead of typing your blogpost you just talk it out loud. This is another of my favourite features for I am really not a great fan of writing, I talk a lot faster than I type that is for sure.

Another possibility is to record a video of yourself in the car talking or providing some interesting content or value on a specific topic, or about everyday stuff happening in your life.  Once you record the video you can then upload it to Amazon S3 Hosting Via EVS.  Upload it to You Tube,Vimeo and also on Facebook as well.

Recently I was surprised when someone who wanted some content from me asked for a ready made interview that I had, luckily I was interviewed on A Google Hangout so I had the video transcribed into a very long blog post. So if you haven’t thought about transcribing your videos before this is another great way to make more blogging content without having to come up with new ideas.

The other thing you can aso do is transcribe your Facebook Live recordings or Periscope recording too.   Or any webinars that you have done, you could of course use this transcribed content for blog posts,books,or E-books.


If you are having problems coming up with ideas for new content you can browse through article directories for ideas, check out other competitors blogs or websites, see what upcoming viral topics are on Facebook, Twitter or You Tube.  Just make sure you do not copy and paste content write it in your own words, you change change the numbers do something completely opposite to what they are doing if you want.  Just use it for coming up with some new ideas.

Another great way to come out with blog content is to visit forums in your niche and find out what questions people are asking?  Write a blog post providing the solution to their problems this will be a great way to build lots of new fans and subscribers, if you are giving good advice or solutions.  OR COURSE IF YOU DON’T GIVE GOOD ADVICE OR SOLUTIONS IT CAN HAVE THE OPPOSITE EFFECT..



Type In Your keyword for your niche:  For example Alternative Health Forums

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 21.09.23


A list of possibilities will appear


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 21.07.46

Click On The Links  That Look Relevant. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 21.08.29


Pick A Topic That Will Be Good For Your Readers And See What Questions They Are Asking And Provide The Solutions To Their Questions In Your Blog Post


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How To Create Content For Your Blog While Sitting In The Car

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