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Your Lucky!!

Sotiris  —  July 9, 2017 — 2 Comments

Your Lucky!!

This is day 7 of the 100 day blogging challenge and just to let you know just because you are blogging daily doesn’t mean you have to create huge 1000 Word articles every day.

Your Lucky

Again for me it was a busy day today lots to do I could have created a long written blog post but I decided to create a video instead.  I made two versions one with music one without for my You Tube friends.  Even if bought and paid for music licenses for the music I still get hassle from them every now and again..   So it’s easier just avoiding having music in the You Tube videos altogether.   Here is my version with the background music.

Happy Blogging My Friends


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Your Lucky!!


Chilling By The Sea Day 6 Hundred Day Bogging Challenge

Well just because you are doing a 100 Day Blogging challenge doesn’t mean you have to sit in the office all day doing research. After a pretty lousy week of weather in Northern Ireland today turned out to be pretty amazing.

Unfortunately I had an appointment to valet the car and a couple of other things so I couldn’t spend the whole day in the sun. But after those things where done we went for a walk by the sea with my youngest son Xander.

The thing is if I had of planned for going out today I could have had my post done in advance as there is a built in scheduling system on WordPress blogs, you could do all your work on Sunday and do nothing for the rest of the week, as there are social media scheduling tools as well as WordPress scheduling and You Tube video scheduling too.

If you live in the UK I highly recommend taking advantages of sunny days like these, as they are few and far between.  And it is always a great idea to top up your bodies vitamin D levels, whenever possible.

As well as me going out being completely unplanned today. I also had some unexpected guests arrive in the house, and the room which I normally work in is like a madhouse tonight.   Thankfully for occasions like these I have my Google Chromebook, the battery lasts twelve hours. So as long as you have an internet connection you can blog from anywhere.   Be it the beach or in bed lol..

If you have made it this far in the hundred day blogging challenge click the button below to hear a short message from me.

Tonights post is gonna be a short one as proof you can have a life and blog too. 🙂

See you tomorrow


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Chilling By The Sea Day 6 Hundred Day Bogging Challenge

How To Setup An Amazon Store On Your Blog Or Website

In todays blog post I will be showing you how to setup an Amazon shop on your WordPress blog or website
via ytCropper

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How To Setup An Amazon Store On Your Blog

20 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to making money online from your website being able to generate targeted traffic to your website is the key to wealth,fame and fortune on the internet. Fortunately or unfortunately if you get easily overwhelmed there are many different ways to actually do this.

In today’s post I am going to be talking about some of them and giving you tips and insights on how to make them work for you which in turn will be able to get you more subscribers and make you more money in the long run.

Twenty Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

SEO Articles on your website – In may not be easy to rank in 2017 as it was a few years ago, but writing good quality original articles which are relevant to your target audience will bring you great results, when done consistently.  The thing you want to remember is to not keyword stuff the articles they need to flow naturally.  Articles under 1000 words will bring you a fraction of the traffic that you will get by doing longer articles. So if you can do over 1000 Words then do it.

You Tube Videos – You Tube videos are great for a few reasons, firstly they will rank more easily on You Tube than trying to rank on Google.   Many You Tube videos will also rank on the first page of Google, as You Tube owns Google so of course there will be a little bit of preferential treatment.  Also you can build up a list of subscribers on Your You Tube channel. Then when you make a You Tube video, you can tell your subscribers to click on your website link in the description and drive them for free to your website.

Viral Memes  – You can create viral memes and insert your website url on them, as long as the pictures on the memes are funny or sharable, then they should go viral.  When this happens lots of peoples will be sharing the memes together with your website url, many people will visit the url out of curiosity as long as it is clearly visible.

Viral Videos –  Another great way to get lots of traffic to your website is using viral videos, they could be funny videos, entertaining or maybe have funny animals, babies etc on them.  All you do is post a link to your website on all the viral videos, you could even use someone else’s viral video just makes sure you ask for permission first. before re-uploading it 🙂

Guest Posting –  Guest posting is great for a few different reasons,  You can guest post on websites that have lots of traffic and views and then invite the viewers to visit your post or website.  You can get a really good backlink which could also help you rank higher on Google as long as your guest post has your url  in the article and is do follow.  The thing is you must make sure the backlink is coming from high quality websites with a lot of traffic, as doing this on spammy sites with bad content will also have the opposite effect and maybe even get your website de-indexed from Google altogether.

Forum Marketing – When it comes forum marketing there is a good way and a bad way to do it, the good way is to join a forum in your niche, create and account and profile make sure you add a picture.  Most forums allow you to create a signature which is a few words and a link back to your website.  What you want to do is help other people in the forum be helpful and supply good information.   People will see your signature and click on your link to find out more about you.   The wrong way to do it is spam everyone on the forum with your affiliate link this could get you banned from the forum.

Banner Advertising – Banner advertising can also be a good way to get traffic to your website or blog. You find blogs or websites where your ideal customers spend their time, and you buy advertising space on their websites. Place a banner on their website if the banner converts, they click on it then you will get targeted traffic  back to your website or blog.   On the other hand if the banner is not very good and no one clicks on it you will waste your money.  So making sure the banner converts as high as possible first by testing it, is the key to success.

Banner Exchange – Of course there are actual banner exchange websites where you can do this, but when I talk of banner exchange I mean to find another website owner.  An example would be I had two clients both had websites and clients locally in Northern Ireland.  One was a washing machine repair man, the other was a roof repair website. So I did a banner exchange for them, I put the roofers banner on the washing machine repair website, and a washing machine repair banner on the roofers website.    Now they can refer each other customers with no extra work, and the best part is they are not competitors but have a very similar market. They are both looking house owners or renters or business owners.

Blog Commenting – Although it might not seem like the best way to get traffic, you would be surprised how many people could visit your website. Just by placing a comment on a viral blog post with a link back to your site.   Commenting on blogs could also help the SEO and improve your ranking if the websites are relevant.  But it needs to be real not comments done by bots like spammers would do.  If you are in WA there is a blog commenting community who will help you out.

Solo Ads – Solo ads get a mixed message and rightly so as there are so many different variables in solo ads.  One thing I have found which increases your chances of a good solo ad is checking out the reviews from buyers.  Now obviously if it is the solo ads sellers website they are not going to put bad reviews.  The good news is there are independent websites that allow people to sell solo ads there.

What this means is that real solo ad buyers put their reviews and comment on whether their results where good or bad.  This way you can get to see who is delivering the best results and avoid the bad ones. You can Click Here To Join The Solo Ad Site

Email Marketing –  Not much explanation required here, you just build an email list and send your subscribers an email to get them back to your blog or website.

How To Videos/Posts – Millions of people every day type in how to questions onto Google , Social Media and You Tube. By creating tutorials how to do certain things, you can get targeted visitors to your website or blog. And in many cases your video or post could even go viral

Webinars – Another great way to get visitors to your blog is to do webinars, these webinars could be a one off type webinar or ones that are scheduled regularly. You could do a daily or do a weekly or a monthly webinar and then use them to drive people to your site/products/services

Seminars – Once again a seminar is another great place to get people to your website. It doesn’t matter whether you are a speaker in the seminar or a member of the audience.  If you are the speaker you can tell people to go to your website and offer them a free bribe. If you are in the audience you could tell people to visit your website via word of mouth. Or you could print out business cards with your website address and a free gift on the back of the cards when they visit your website. This could be an ebook, a video course or training, or just some information.

Events – Once again you can use events in the same way as seminars, it could be a trade show or festival.  You can use similar techniques that you used at the seminar to get people back to your website.

Posting Your Content In Social Media Sites – One of the best ways to get more visitors to your website is to share your content on social media websites. Sites like Facebook ,Pinterest,Twitter,Instagram,tumblr,vine etc

Advertising On Other Websites For Free – This is a strategy I discuss in one of my other blog posts, basically you can find viral posts and share a link to them with your ad on the bottom of them. Click here for more details on this strategy

Quotes – You can share popular quotes, just write them out in Canva in a nice graphic put your website url on them, and share them like crazy on social media, this will drive more people back to your blogs or websites.

Paid Facebook Advertising – This is definitely a strategy not to be overlooked,  I do not use it as I rely mainly on free advertising strategies. The fact is most of the top earning marketers are using Facebook ads to drive traffic to their offers.  I would suggest learning this strategy from a mentor,or trying it on a small scale first as you could lose quite a lot of money if you don’t do it right.

Google Or You Tube PPC – Once again this is a great way to drive hoards of traffic to your website. You should also either learn this from someone with experience using these methods.  Or start off very carefully with a limited budget to avoid any big losses, while you learn what works and what doesn’t.

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20 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

12 WordPress Themes To Build An Online Business

When it comes to building a website there are of course many different choices between website builders and different website/blog platforms.  WordPress Self Hosted blogs or websites are still my favourite. One of the things you can do with WordPress is you can easily build many types of different websites using ready made specific wordpress themes. The other great thing about WordPress is being able to use the plugins as well.  There are many free and paid options for Wordpress and no matter what you want your website to do there is probably someone who has created a plugin or theme to do it already.

So in many cases with WordPress there is no need to reinvent the wheel as it has already probably been done before. 🙂

It doesn’t matter whether you run a restaurant or takeaway, a dentist surgery, hair salon or a classified ads business there will always be a theme or a plugin for you, multiple ones in fact. Sometimes the hardest part is just making the right choice that suits your online business.


  1. WordPress Classified Ads Theme

Adding a WordPress Classified Ads Theme to your blog/website will allow people to register on your website and submit their classified ads. You can choose whether to allow them to list their ads for free or charge a price to list each advert. You can also charge people for having featured ads on your classified ads site.  I used to also sell banner advertising space on the top and the sides of my classified ads website as well. Even though the classified ads site won’t allow you to take direct payments for these you can use a shopping cart to do that easily.


Wordpress Classified Ads Theme

As your advertisers and ads grow your site will generate more traffic from Google via all the differents ads that are listed you could create niche ad sites like for selling certain things or create classified ads sites based on certain locations, countries , cities ,towns etc..

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2. WordPress Auction Theme

A WordPress auction theme will change your WordPress blog or website into an auction listing website, which will allow users to register and list their products for sale using a bidding system where multiple people can bid on the items online. The winner can then pay for the product and the website owner can choose whether to charge for auction listings or charge commission per sale or both.

Wordpress Auction Theme

If you have been looking for your own online auction website without the hassle of paying someone to create it then this is the ideal theme for you.



Click Here To Find Out More



3.Wordpress Project Bidding Theme

If you have ever been on outsourcing websites you will know that it is possible to list a job that you want done.  It could be to get an ebook written or get some graphic design work done. It could be someone to make you a sales video or write articles for a travel website.   You will notice that people will start bidding for your job. Say you set a price of $300 for someone to write you an ebook, some people will bid $500 some will offer to do it for $250 a few may offer to do it for $100 because they are desperate for the money.

Wordpress Project Bidding Theme

The WordPress project bidding theme gives you the opportunity to have your WordPress blog or website turned into a site like this without too much difficulty. If you are technically challenged they can even install the theme and setup the site for you.

If you would like to find out more details about this theme or like to buy it just click the blue button below.


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4. WordPress Micro Gigs Site Theme


If you have ever been on Fiverr before then you will probably know what a micro gigs site is, in case you haven’t, it is a place where people can list products and services for sale. The gigs are $5 but there are also upgrades up to $100 or more which you can also sell when you become a topseller.

This theme will turn your site into a micro gigs site like that. You can see one I made recently using the theme here  .

Fiverr WordPress Theme

As an owner of the site you can charge a commission on each sale made on your website Fiverr charge 20% so if someone orders one of your gigs for $5 Fiverr pays you $4 and the keep the dollar. Owning a theme like this means that if you build up the site and get enough traffic, you can get paid 20% of everyone doing the work on it. To find out more or buy the theme just click the blue link below here.



Click Here To Find Out More




5. WordPress Business Directory Theme


With a WordPress business directory theme your readers can register on your website and list their businesses. You can offer free or paid listings.  You can also charge people for advertising via banners or elsewhere inside your website.

Wordpress Business Directory Theme

To see all the exact features of the business directory theme just click the blue link before for more information or if you want to order the theme for your WordPress website or blog.



Click Here To Find Out More




6. WordPress Job Listing Theme

This wordpress job listing theme allows people to register and list available jobs. There is a choice of free or paid listings, featured ads or you can monetise your website with advertising businesses banners using a shopping cart.



Wordpress job listings theme

Even though I am not a great believer in jobs or job security I do realise there are still lots of other people who are constantly looking for jobs. There are lots of business owners constantly looking for new staff so this job listing theme fills that gap in the market, joining employers and employees together. And making you some profit in the process.  To find more information and all the exact features and specifications of this theme or to buy it click the blue button directly below this writing.




Click Here To Find Out More


7. WordPress coupon theme

This wordpress coupon theme will turn your wordpress blog into a coupon site. I have a friend who had a coupon site and I know at one point when I talked to him he was making over $40,000 per month with it. Products and services being sold online is continuing to grow and people always want discounts and often will search for coupon codes for what they are buying. Whenever someone clicks on your coupon they are also clicking your affiliate link which means you will be getting paid a commission for anything that they buy of which you are an affiliate.
Wordpress coupon theme


So if you fancy having your own discount coupon site then this wordpress theme may be just what you are looking for. To find out more details about the features of this theme or to buy it click the blue link below


Click Here To Find Out More



8. Food takeaway or delivery wordpress theme

Have you ever seen websites online where you can go and order your food, pay for it and get it delivered to your door? Or collect your food at the restaurant or takeaway?


QuickFood - Delivery or Takeaway Food WordPress Theme


Well this quick food delivery wordpress theme gives you the ability to do that with your food outlet. All you need to do is install the theme and set it up.  There is also an option to get the theme installed and setup for you.  So if you are looking to put your food business online then this may be just what you are looking for.

To find out more details or to order this theme just click on the blue link directly below this writing.


Click Here To Find Out More


9. Recipes WordPress theme

Have you ever had a website and wanted people to be able to add their recipes on to it? Then the wordpress recipes theme may be exactly what you are looking for.


Recipes WordPress theme

Once again it is just a matter of installing the wordpress theme and adding some content and you have your own recipe site. To find out more details and specifications for this theme just click on the blue link directly below this writing for more information or to order the theme.




Click Here To Find Out More



10.Wordpress Premium Blogging  Theme

If you are just looking for a wordpress theme for good old fashioned blogging that ranks well from an SEO point of view then this is a good theme.

Wordpress Premium Blogging Theme

I recently added some of the fancy sliding picture type themes on some of my websites and noticed the SEO traffic/visitors went down tremendously. Since then I have went back to using more basic themes like this and a few others.

If you want to find out more reasons and features for getting this theme just click the blue link below and watch the video taking you through the features of the theme.



Click Here To Find Out More





11. Shopkeeper – eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce

If you are looking a website for eCommerce and selling products this theme from Woo Commerce is ideal.


Shopkeeper - eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce

The ability to have your website like a shop window and be able to take payments via paypal and credit card. All you need to do is buy the theme and install it list your products for sale and you are ready to go.  If you do not want to do the theme installation or setup they can also do that for you, saving you any unnecessary hassle in the process and simplifying your life.  If you want to find out more about the theme or to order it just click the blue link below.

Click Here To Find Out More

WordPress Real Estate Theme


Have you ever wanted your own website for selling or people to list real estate on? Once again the process is pretty simple. You install this WordPress Real Estate Theme create your categories and areas.  And people can start listing their real estate


Real Estate WordPress Theme

If you do not want the hassle of installing the theme on your wordpress blog or website then they can also install and set it up for you. Order one of these themes today just click the blue link below.

Click Here To Find Out More


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12 WordPress Themes To Build An Online Business

It All Began With Your first Step


Yes, that goes for most of you anyway, if  your proud parent or parents watched you take your first few steps, possibly when you were anywhere from 8 months to 2 years old.

It all began with your first step


The thing is everything begins the same way, you need to take your first step or first action to actually get where you want to go, no need for rocket science to work that out.


The thing is many people never actually take that first step, to do the things that will really bring some great changes to their lives. So if you really want to start making some kind of changes in your life.


Would this not be a great time to get started? You could start by- Taking the first step to


Change your Income

Change your Bank Balance

Change your relationships

Change your health

Change your fitness levels

Change your career

Tell your boss to take a hike

Moving from being an employee to business owner

Moving from being A self employed business owner to an investor

Switching from earned income streams to passive income streams

Changing from working one to one with people to working with one to many

Leveraging your time

Leveraging your energy

Leveraging your money

Leveraging your assets

Leveraging your intelligence


All of these things first require a want or desire and then they require you to take the steps or even the first step towards the journey of achieving them.


The good news is you don’t need to change completely today you can make that first step on your journey and progress along one step at a time day by day, Month By Month,Year By Year.

Eventually you may not even recognize yourself from that person that you were before.


So what have or what are you going to do today, as a blogger or content marketer maybe you need to get inspired and write the title of your next post. Maybe you should take 30 mins to two hours in silence and write out your next article.


Maybe you are spending some time in nature and you could take a few awesome photos for your next blog post, or get some ideas to write some great content.


Maybe you should start recording that video you have been wanting to do, or that video tutorial one of your clients has been asking you for this week.  Heck you could even record yourself reading one of your own blog posts and upload it as an audio on your blog or website.


This will be the next step in generating more traffic to your website, more subscribers and or long term customers to your online business, website or blog,or it could even be a traditional business.


Without some momentum things tend to stagnate, whether it is a person, a car or a business. What can you do today to move yourself another step forward.


Yes it is easy to do nothing, it is easy to say to yourself I will start tomorrow, but in the long term you are generating yourself more stagnation bad habits and possibly even pain, as the consequences of doing nothing can sometimes prove fatal. And we aren’t meaning only in our business right!!


To get what you want first you have to write it down right now if you haven’t already. Then decide what steps you can take right now to start moving forward.


You Can Do It..   


If you are someone who is looking to start an online business feel free to join me by clicking the link below, and get some free coaching to get you up and running in your new business.


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If you are a business owner and are looking to generate more leads customers and traffic to your business

Click Here To Join The 100 Day Blogging Challenge


Please note if you are taking part in the 100 day video take 15 mins out of your day and start writing, or take out your  iPhone and record a quick video or audio, alternatively you could just record a podcast from your  computer that is really all it takes to make your next step. 🙂


This Is Day 2 of the 100 day blogging challenge you can also join it anytime by clicking here


It All Began With Your first Step


Writing great content for your website or blog is a choice that you have to make. You can choose to put in the right work and time to come up with amazing content and create a prosperous brand. You can also choose to go the other side too, which is often the easier route, and write poor content- a path that will certainly get you nowhere. It will only lead to a waste of energy, time, and resources.

It is said that ‘content is king’, and in order to gain traffic, boost SEO rankings, and get leads, you ought to have high-quality content on your website or blog.

If you can create original and great content, search engines will help your blog get more exposure. For example, Google penalizes any website with duplicate content. Duplicate content is an example of poor content, therefore, Google and other search engines would only like to work with high-quality sites. Therefore, not only does high-quality content make a good website, it also improves search engine rankings, leading to positive effects on your business.

How To Create Great Content For Your Blog Or Website

It does not matter why you are running a content site, whether it is a personal hobby or for business, it is essential to do it right. In this article, we will break down the tips you need to create great content for your website or blog. Let’s dive in!

  1. Create Original Content

As aforementioned, unique content goes a long way with search engines, especially Google. Copying other people’s work can get your site punished by Google, hampering your business forever. An example of a site hit by Google’s algorithm update, meant to promote originality, is Ezine Articles. Back in the days, you could find articles from this site ranking top in Google’s search results. Now, you don’t see them anymore.

Let’s explain this further. Original content also means that your ideas should be unique too. Rewriting other posts with the same concepts over and over again is not original. If your content is similar to the one on other sites, no one will link to it. This means no backlinks to your site, and thus, lower rankings.

There is a new trend coming up, where webmasters are using software to scrape content and recombine it to develop something that search engines can read. This is an easy and quick thing to do. However, if you incorporate this strategy into your website, it might end up hurting your search engine rankings really bad. Additionally, if your hire cheap writers to write for you, you will end up receiving poor work, which might be unreadable, and SEO unfriendly.

Remember that you get what you pay for. You should hence spend a lot of time and resources to come up with high quality content, something that will be of benefit to you for many years to come.

How to Come Up With Unique Content

Coming up with new ideas every time you want to post something on your blog can prove to be quite a difficult task to perform on a frequent basis. First off, you need to understand that high-quality, and original work needs numerous areas of focus. You should therefore not narrow your mindset down to your niche only, be sure to do more research even in other areas of interest and then connect them with topics ideal for your audience.

Use these guidelines to create unique content:

  • Idea Generation

If you have a content site, then your probably have a lot of experience and knowledge in your niche to produce quality work. However, this does not mean that you can create great headlines, titles, and unique ideas.

It is very normal to experience moments of low inspiration. Here are some online tools you can use to come with new ideas for your blog:

Online Generators

There are some online generators out there like TweakYourBiz that offer numerous ideas for writers after a simple keyword search. Although not all suggestions will seem logical, they will certainly inspire you to find a twist of the topic you would like to handle. Other tools such as AMI’s Emotional Value Headline Analyzer and Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer will assist you to come up with effective headlines when you cannot think of any.

Social Media

Social Media offers a great platform for you to discover what is happening around the world in regards to your blog’s subject matter. If people are talking and reading about something, then you ought to offer them with your perspective. The idea might not be unique, but your point of view will make the post original.

Other Blogs

By checking out other blogs in and outside your niche, you can be able to expand your imagination and get great ideas. Even if a blog is completely different from yours, you can still find unrelated areas of interest intersecting and inspiring some new ideas. When you relate such ideas to your own niche, you can create a unique piece.

Other Ways to Get Provocative Ideas:

  • Read books and publications related to your niche.
  • Brainstorm ideas with others: engage with a team of trusted advisors to improve your creativity and ideas.
  • Invest in self-development.
  • Interview other people: This is a great way to learn and gain new ideas especially when you use it to create video and audio content for your site.
  • Question basic assumptions: This method helps you gain new insights that assist you to arrive at the right solution.
  • Create a story: Using stories to pass a message helps us come up with new ideas to make the stories more effective.
  • Social networking: After joining smart and effective online communities, you are able to gain more knowledge of what is being discussed and asked. This intrigues more ideas you can incorporate in your blog or website.
  • Research

Once you generate some great ideas, it is time to do proper research. You don’t want to tarnish your name by giving your readers false information. Start by using search engines to get data about your blog title or idea.

Review the results and search for the following:

Clarity and Flow: Is the article interesting and informative? Does it flow? Is it factual and believable? If the article is perfect, then consider it as a great resource in your post.

Novelty: Be sure to check the dates of the posts. The newer the information, the more relevant it will be for you and your audience.

When doing your research, it is essential to keep it organized. Consider using an application like Evernote to store the content and information that you gather. With a reserve of all your resources, you will not risk using another person’s unique work because you forgot where the ideas came from.

  • Editing and Proofreading

After writing your post, it is time to proofread and edit it. Never publish a first draft as this disregards a critical part of the content writing process. Neglecting this part has the potential of affecting your site’s authority in a bad way.

Use some of these tips to get started:

  • The first thing you need to do is to check for the uniqueness of your content. There are many online tools you can use for this purpose.
  • When writing for the internet, be sure to make your content engaging, concise, and to the point. Our attention span is decreasing day-by-day. Therefore, you don’t want to sound boring in any way.
  • Read your articles loud before posting them. This can help you identify mistakes that you could have made when writing. This is also a good check for natural tone and flow.

No matter what content you are creating, it should always be covered with motivation, passion, and honesty. The aforementioned tips are ideal for any content creator out there that would like to have a successful blog or website.

  1. Create Strong Headlines

A great headline is of great benefit to your website: it builds interest and invites readers in. According to statistics, the percentage of people that read your headlines is 80%, however, only 20% of them read your other content. This is the main reason why the headline is as important as the post or article itself.

An example of a great headline: “How to Turn on Your Marketing Machine”. This is a very interesting headline that intrigues anyone that would like to become a marketer, or is already in the marketing field. Such a person cannot help but be a little curious after reading such a title.

Consider taking some good time to create a good headline. If possible, create a few of them and select the one that you feel is the best. Don’t create a headline for the sake. It is the first thing that people see, and it makes them decide whether to continue reading your article or not.

  1. Create Engaging Content

An engaged reader hangs on to your every word and takes in everything you say or write. However, the only way to get engaged readers, is to come up with engaging content. Here are some tips that can help you write engaging content.

Have an Essential Introduction

People are very quick to judge on blog posts and articles. Most readers make the decision whether to continue reading a piece, after going through the first few sentences of the post. If you are caring about your readers, be sure to let them know why they should read your post in the introduction part of your article.

Leave Your Audience with Questions

This does not necessarily mean that you write an incomplete post, rather, it involves including questions that make your audience reflect on the knowledge you offer them.

Include Relevant Stories

People love reading stories. You should hence consider implementing them in your posts. They can also help to emphasize a point. Additionally, they help the reader learn and make your posts engaging.

Lastly, if you write content that sparks a lot of comments, search engines will realize that your content is essential. They will hence not hesitate to rank it higher.

  1. Provide Solutions

Every time you write content, make sure that it solves a certain problem. Ask yourself what the main task of a search engine is. It is meant to offer answers, right? People type their queries on search engines expecting to be presented with solutions.

The desire for knowledge and information in regards to a particular topic is what drives people to your website. Something else that you should know is that people not only want answers, they want them fast. Hence, make sure that your content can be easily scanned so that people can get information as quickly as possible. Lastly, when delivering your answer, be sure to have supporting information.

  1. Be Accurate in Your Information Sourcing

As earlier said, you need to have supporting information so as to be able to deliver a great answer. Information sourcing is therefore something that you need to undertake to come up with great content for your site. Additionally, make sure that the information you source is accurate. Imagine writing an article for your blog, and thousands of people read it only to realize later on that some information you included was inaccurate. Can you imagine the amount of negative impact that could have on your company? You should be aware that your company’s blog is a reflection of your business. Therefore, if there are issues with your site, then people will end up having a negative view of your products and services.

It is therefore critical that any stats you include on your blog posts can be verified. Many webmasters are usually more than ready to link to such a statistic and its source. Accuracy is very important as it builds trust with readers and other bloggers too. Writing inaccurate content can damage your name forever as it proves you are untrustworthy.

Here are some things that you should consider when pondering about how to make your blog accurate:

Link to More Content

Make sure to back up your content with as many links as possible. This makes your articles and posts look trustworthy.

Link to Trusted Sources Only

Make sure to link your content to authoritative and trusted sources only. Linking to high-quality sites helps you earn more trust from your audience.

Help Search Engines Rank You

Linking to other sites helps search engines identify what your website is about, and how it can be categorized.

  1. Add Images and Video

People learn differently, right? Some learn better by reading, some by seeing, and others by hearing. The most important thing to note here is that no one learns less through visual aids. Whether you use videos, diagrams, or pictures, they can assist to illustrate your point. Open modern textbooks and you will realize the implementation of pictures to promote the reading experience.

You should thus consider implementing pictures and videos to reinforce your content. Whatever you write about, be sure to use visuals as no one wants to look at plain text at all times. Despite this, only add relevant and valuable visual content.

  1. Write Actionable Content

What is the last content you posted on your blog? Did it tell your readers how they can apply the tips or lessons they learnt right away? The perfect content should give your audience a sense of how they can use the knowledge received. It does not degrade your audience by telling them what to do, but respects them and offers them an assurance that they know how to use the information.

When creating your blog posts, offer users tips on how they can apply what you offer to them. At many times, just writing flawlessly about a certain topic sparks some ideas for your audience.

  1. Create Short and Precise Content

One thing that always works when writing content is to eliminate fluff. Although it is challenging and requires a lot of work, it helps you come up with high-quality content. There is nothing fascinating to your audience other than reading a brief and to-the-point article or blog post with a lot of information.

Therefore, stop focusing on word count and put all your efforts into writing high-quality work.

  1. Update Your Content Often

Starting a website or a blog is a commitment. You can write a couple of posts and articles, and choose to abandon them. However, doing this will not get you any new customer or as many readers as you would want. Additionally, search engines do not like sites that are not updated on a regular basis.

Hence, if you own a content site or blog, you need to update it frequently with high-quality content. Most of the best blogs and websites are constantly updated. In fact, studies show that sites that are regularly updated have a stronger influx of visitors compared to those that are not.

When updating your content, you are free to choose a timeframe to do that. However, make an effort to update your site on a monthly basis.

  1. Don’t Forget SEO

SEO is a factor that you can never afford to forget when writing content for your blog or site. Remember that each time you publish an article, you create a new page that can be ranked by search engines. At this point, search engines, especially Google, will be marketing your content for you.

Blogging itself helps to market your content, but incorporating SEO into your content makes the marketing stronger. This means that you should include keyword research into your content marketing strategies, and optimize your content to be found more by search engines.

High-quality content that speaks to people’s desires plus SEO will continue to drive traffic to your site, month after month. Traffic will certainly lead to leads, and more revenue to you.

  1. Let a Professional Do It

If you are not that much of a good writer and would still want high-quality content for your site, then you could consider outsourcing this work to a professional. Outsourcing your content means that you will have to hire an outside party to handle your project; such as editing your work, or creating new content from scratch on your behalf. As a business person that needs great content, outsourcing can greatly help you out.

Before you go out to hire a writer, be sure to have definite objectives and a specific budget. Later on, go out and find the best possible writer out there. Good writers often have a portfolio that they are ready to show to you. If there are no samples, do not even bother contacting the writer.

After finding a good writer, send them your project requirements, and wait for high-quality content.


Coming up with high-quality content for your site is a choice that you ought to make if at all you are to become successful on the internet. There are millions of websites on the internet today, and high-quality content is the only thing that can make your site stand out. Great content is the only way that you can be able to beat your rivals. High-quality content will help search engines to rank your site. It will also make your readers want to share your posts with their friends.  This will lead to more exposure, leads, and revenue.

Creating original content is the first step that you need to make when thinking about great content. Unique content is loved by search engines, and your readers too. So, make sure that you are always producing new content. Other things that you have to do is to create strong headlines, develop engaging content, and write posts that solve people’s problems. Doing this will help you to grow your audience. Additionally, you should consider writing actionable content, short, and precise content. You should also update your content often. However, if you are not a good writer, you should consider hiring an experienced professional that will develop high-quality content for you.

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100 Day Blogging Challenge

How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine

When it comes to online business I see people making the same mistakes over and over again. If you really want to turn your business into a marketing machine there are some simple steps that you need to take.


There are a few things when starting out in your new business which you need to setup on a one off basis and then there are things that you or an outsourcer should be doing on a regular basis.


Of course it is important to firstly get a website or blog setup, there are two ways to go on this.


  1. You can DIY and spend ages making mistakes,
  2. You can get a mentor to help you set it up and take advantage of their experience and knowledge.
  3. Or you can pay someone else to setup the website for you.

How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine


Once you actually have setup your website there will be other tools and resources that you will need if you want your business to run like a business and not a hobby.


When you get your website all setup your plugins installed and your autoresponder hooked up and are ready to go then it’s time to start creating some content.


There are lots of different options when creating content for your website, you may want to stick to one type of content or you might create multiple different kinds of content.


  1. Written Articles
  2. Videos
  3. Infographics
  4. Podcasts
  5. Listicles
  6. How To Guides
  7. Reviews
  8. Tips or Hacks
  9. Interviews


The main thing is to pick at least one of them and get down to creating some content, if you do not like writing then you can outsource the writing, If you do not like making videos you can outsource this or use a video creation software or a powerpoint software like Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint to make them..


You can also make or get someone to make you infographics, You can podcast which is basically like an audio recording of you talking on your blog or website, you can also create live podcasts which are really like having your own online radio show.


Listicles are another type of article it is basically a list of some useful resources and or information.  You could also create how to articles or infographics, videos on how to do things that your readers want to know about.


Another useful form of content is creating review articles when doing this I recommend being 100% Genuine by firstly buying and testing the product or service yourself, so that you can write an honest review of the pro’s and cons.  People will thank you for it and keep on coming back to your website when they know your information is useful helpful and accurate.


Something else people like a lot are hacks or tips, these could range from anything to life skills,health and wellness,technology,camping to name but a few all you need to do is find or come up with some useful hacks in your niche.


You can also create written interviews,interviews via Podcasts or Video Interviews this can give you some great content and information for your readers.


Of course when you look at all these things it may look or seem a little overwhelming and it will be especially in the beginning.  The key is to setup your business and get started.


What is important for really getting your marketing machine going and making some money.


  1. Provide value for your readers give them good information cut out the BS
  2. Create and post the content on your blog on a regular basis pick a schedule and stick to it or of course outsource it.
  3. Market your content  like crazy post your content everywhere on Facebook groups on Your FB profile on your Fb Page, On Twitter,On Pinterest,On You Tube,On Instagram in fact as many places as possible.
  4. If you want to make money you will need to have a product or service, affiliate product or paid advertising on your website if you are to actually make any money.


Remember posting content without marketing it will turn your business into a lame duck. Not creating any content means your online business may never even get started at all.


So you really need to combine these two things together even if you outsource it.

Some marketing ideas you can use would be.


Free Advertising (Some work and effort )


Social Media Posting

Banner Advertising

Link Exchange

Guest Posting (Especially on busy websites)

Video Marketing (Especially Using Targeted SEO keywords)

Email Marketing (Autoresponder and broadcast emails)


Paid Advertising (Costs You Some Money)


Facebook Advertising

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

You Tube Advertising

Paid Banner Ads

Sponsored Posts On High Traffic Websites

Solo Ads


If you are not creating great content and marketing it to lots of targeted people regularly then your business will probably end up dead in the water.  


Remember 20 Per cent of your effort will get you 80% of your income so stop messing around doing time consuming things that will not increase your income. And focus on the content creation and marketing that will.


Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme so create a 3 year plan and set goals regularly on what next step or level of income you would like to achieve.


Before you go I would also like to point out a few things that will slow down your journey to financial freedom online.


Overwhelm – This is one of the Big Reasons For Failing To Make money online


Chasing too many Guru’s at the One Time.

Spending all your time training and very little time implementing the training.

Joining too many programs online and spreading yourself too thin.

Wanting for everything to be perfect before you get started, the timing will never be perfect Just Do It.


Procrastination – If you don’t believe this will work for you then you are probably right.


Laziness – Expecting to never do anything and make a million dollars online.


An entitlement mentality – Thinking that someone owes you something and should do everything for you for free.


Being a Freebie Marketer – Trying to use free tools and free trainings to build an online business, this is a huge mistake and you will surely attract lots more freebie wannabee millionaires who will expect you to train them for free too.


Can I automate my business?


Yes and No, some things can be automated using money and or software.


Outsourcing Content – Costs you money unless it is guest bloggers asking to post on your blog or website for free.

Social Network Sharing – Certain posts on some social networks can be scheduled using different software, will cover this in a later training.


You Tube Videos- Well you do the work once and the videos can be viewed 24/7 day or night even while you sleep, so after the video is created and posted to You Tube your videos are 100% Automated.


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How To Turn On Your Marketing Machine

Rank On The First Page Of Google

If you do not already know ranking your content on the first page of Google can be very lucrative for your business.  Of course as well as ranking on the first page what is also important is what you are actually ranking for.  There are a lot of keywords that are are likely to make you no money whatsoever in fact someone I know used to get lots of the traffic for the keyword what is the best apple.

Chances are when someone types a keyword like that they are looking for some information, not to purchase a product or service off you.  What you need to do is figure out your money words. What are people typing into Google when they are getting ready to pay or hand out money for the solution.

Rank On The First Page Of Google

One client of mine ranks for a keyword Appliance Repairs (Town Name) his business is fixing washing machines dishwashers and appliances,  when people generally type this type of keyword into Google their Appliance has broke down and they need someone to fix or replace it.

All I did was created a simple form which get’s the people details Email,Telephone,Mobile Number Address  and what their problem is a selection of a possible 5 checkboxes.

This website gets new subscribers on a daily basis which ends up making the owner a good living using the power of the Internet.  Remember these people have a problem they are expecting to have to pay money to solve.  In fact they may as well be sitting with their credit card in hand.

Within an hour of submitting their details he calls them back and finds out more details about the problem and makes an appointment to go and fix it.  If they cannot fix it he also offers very competitive prices on new appliances and even though many people generally shop in large electrical stores in UK like Currys etc, he generally get’s the sale as he can deliver and install their appliance the next day. This makes it convenient for his customers and increases his income as well.


How can you rank your website on the first page of Google

Of course their are endless courses and ideas on how to rank your website on the first page of Google, the truth is Google constantly updates its algorithms so from month to month year to year a lot can change. Here are a few factors which still seem to work and have not changed that much over time.

  1. Create lots of well written relevant original content on your blog or website and update the website regularly.
  2. Use your keywords in the images as well as your written content as these images can also rank for your keyword when anyone does an image search.
  3. Create You Tube videos using your long tail keywords in the title and a link back to your website in the video description, plus also using the keyword in your video  tags as well.
  4. Use long tail keywords that your customers or readers are specifically looking for in the title and content of your articles and make sure the article is relevant to those keywords.
  5. Find high quality websites and ask to submit a guest post to them in exchange for a do follow link back to your website or blog post.

Please note that doing guest posts on spammy websites with lots of guest posts or article submission sites can also negatively effect your Google ranking so be quite fussy about the quality of the websites that you get backlinks from (Go for quality over Quantity)

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Rank On The First Page Of Google