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Using Systems To Streamline Your Business Online


Tonight I was at a friends house and we where setting up a website for a male grooming business in Ballymena.  The thing is many people will create a blog or website for their business, but will not use the correct tools so the website can actually function properly.

The thing is when it comes to running any traditional business and putting it online there a lot of things you have to consider.

1.It has to be user friendly

2. Simple to use

3. Look good for your clients who come to visit

4. It needs to be fully functional and do all the things your clients/prospects and you want it to do.

5.Make your business look good and in many cases also look professional.

There is a lot of really good tools for systematizing most kinds of WordPress blogs or websites. but there is also a lot of inferior stuff out there as well.  So it is important to know what features you need before you start, that will make finding the right tools or software easier.

For example with the Male Grooming Salon you need to remember there may be multiple assistants, they may all work different hours or days.  You will also probably have different products and or services as well which need to be listed and accessible.

People will want to make bookings, so you need to know what dates and times assistants are available and when they are on a holiday or vacation.

You will need to hook up payment systems, email addresses,possibly calendars,make sure your emails or customer appointments do not end up in your clients spam filters as well.

Having pictures of your staff members also makes your business look more real and professional than just an ugly white page with little or no info. ( I see websites like this all the time)

If you know how to do all this then it should be simple enough for you creating or updating your website.  If not we offer a business blog Setup Service too

Feel free to checkout our latest website we created at


Using Systems To Streamline Your Business Online

Does Getting Older Mean You Take Less Crap From People

I remember a time when people would talk BS to me and I would listen to it, take it all in and believe it. I have noticed recently that I have a very short straw when it comes to BS.  In fact to a point where sometimes I can be pretty blunt or rude if required.

I am not one for violence generally but this complete idiot started beeping his horn at me the other day I was parked on a public road walked next door to the house, next thing I heard this beeping.   Next thing this twenty something your old idiot got out of his car and said this is my house.

I have to say it took all my restraint not to answer back in fact if I am really honest I was very close to walking up to him and punching him on the mouth..  He was just so fucking rude the way he did it that it was unbelievable.  We park regularly on the public street outside the house.  There are many occasions when I cannot get a parking space, because some broke employee doesn’t want to pay for parking in the town car park.  So they park outside our house instead..

And although it can be frustrating I do not beep my horn at people who park in the street and tell them this public parking space on the street belongs to me.  And give them a dirty look like this total prick..

Does Getting Older Mean You Take Less Crap From People

Are You Building An App? What Is The Purpose?

I was talking to one of my friends the other day he told me he had bought some software to create an app.  So after watching a few videos about it and getting confused as hell I asked him what the purpose of the App was.

The thing is right now all his sites are getting targeted optins on a regular basis. A few years ago I installed an optin form on the front pages of all his websites. The forms work perfectly on all devices as I have checked. Whether it’s a desktop PC an iMac, Macbook Pro,Ipad Samsung Phone or Android tablet they all look great.

Now if there was some kind of cool plan for some really cool things that this app may do it could be a great idea.  But there isn’t and the way I saw it starting to make new pages for the app and remove the already converting front optin pages, would damage his business and the amount of customers that sign up for his services.

So if you really want to get involved in Apps make sure you know the purpose before you start creating it.Building an app if you don’t know what your purpose is could end up losing you a lot of business in the long run.

Especially if you already have a website that is already converting your  prospects into buyers.

Remember just because you watched people o the apprentice create apps and it sounds cool, doesn’t mean it will help your business make more money, especially if not designed for a specific reason to meet those specifications.

Of course there are some apps out there that are amazing and I am sure there will be many more great apps  in the future.  Just always make sure to workout the benefits of your app and exactly how it works before trying to spend a fortune to buy or create one.

Feel free to post in the comments below what is your favourite app that you are using ow would recommend using regularly


Are You Building An App? What Is The Purpose?

Just Ten Minutes A Day Could Transform Your Blog Or Website

Do you suffer from bouts of laziness or procrastination? Did you know that by just blogging for 10 mins a day you could transform your blog or online business.  Remember we are not talking about a 12 hour day or even an 8 hour day..

Question is are you spending ten solid minutes blogging daily?  If not your blog content is probably looking a little stale, in some cases maybe completely out of date. Unless of course you are trying to be a smart ass and using evergreen content.

The reason I say trying to be a smart ass is because not adding fresh content on a blog or website is anything but smart.   It’s kind of like deciding to drive across Europe in your car and not bringing any money for petrol or diesel.

You might seem smart but when you are halfway up the swiss alps and your car runs out of diesel, you will be the one carrying the empty can.

The last few days I haven’t been near the house most of the day today I was out at the beach most of the day. but I still got my blog post done because ten mins before I go to bed is all it takes.

The thing is you can make money blogging, or you can make excuses why you don’t but you cannot do both. Either you are blogging for money or making new excuses on a regular basis.

The thing is you can be the expert? What do you want to be an expert on? Blogging about your niche? Or making excuses? You can and do make that choice daily.. So what’s it going to be?

Only you can make that decision..

Let’s just talk about why.  Have you any idea how shitty it looks when you claim to run a reputable business but you haven’t posted an update on your blog or website in two years.

If this is the way you treat your online presence what kind of crap are your actual customers going to be dealing with..  Does a clapped out restaurant or shop that hasn’t been painted for 30 years give your customers the impression that you will give a shit about them or their business?

The thing is when people want to find out about something they hit up Google or Facebook, they use social media.  If your website and social media are completely outdated and unreliable and look like crap, then what will people expect from your business?

The truth is if your business is not online within the next ten years, then you probably will not have a business.

So make it a daily part of your day to spend just ten minutes updating your website, giving your customers and readers a better experience and providing some good value and information to them in the process.


Just Ten Minutes A Day Could Transform Your Blog Or Website

My Visit To The Kinesiologist

A few months ago I became very sick I felt horrible I was coughing my lungs up even blood in fact my thyroid was badly swollen inflamed in fact it was so swollen I found it very hard to swallow or breath at night.  I had so many sleepless nights, while the rest of my family all dozed off into a peaceful relaxing sleep.

I prepared myself for a long restless night trying to breathe with this big lump in my throat..  I remember one night I thought I am practically dying.  Or it might be easier and more comfortable dying than living with this horrible choking discomfort not being able to sleep at nights.

I got a message from one of my Facebook friends telling me that I needed to do something and arranged to talk to a friend of mine Justin, who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and wellness.   And he also does hypnosis as well.

Justin gave me ideas of what stuff I should be eating and what foods I should be avoiding, to improve the thyroid problem.  And I cut down on breads flour and potatoes and started off the day with a bowl of superfoods with Almond Milk.

Although after a few weeks I waned off some of the original diet, the daily walks and fresh air, having sauna’s and being less argumentative with some family members made me feel much calmer and well balanced. And made life a lot easier.

At the peak of my Thyroid problems I went to a health shop in Holywood looking for Iodine drops. The lady informed me she could not sell them as they could be detrimental to health if taken in certain circumstances.

She pointed me to a lady two doors down who was a Kinesiologist, I had no idea what A kinesiologist was but at the peak of my discomfort I would have done anything, to avoid the suffering.

The Kinesiologist told me there was a 6 month waiting list, this was in January and her next appointment available was on 14th July 2017. At the time when I made the appointment I remember thinking I could be dead by then.   But decided to make the appointment anyway.

Roll on to the 14th July 2017 I went for my appointment, it was an  alternative therapy.  I absolutely hate hospitals,doctors and modern medicine because in my opinion they are butchers who have only four answers to your health challenge.

Those answers are to cut ,poison or burn. and that is only to deal with the symptoms, after years of medical school these idiots never talk about cures. Just managing symptoms, how crazy is that..

I really enjoyed my visit to the kinesiologist we talked about David Icke,Big Pharma and the medical vaccine scandals.  She told me I was much better than I was the first time we met, which was correct. She told me my lungs had healed and where much better than they had been.

Some foods I should eat and some I shouldn’t, that I have had a virus for the last 16 weeks, and told me a natural supplement to take to help with that..

I also had a blocked Lymph node which she said would get better, I came out feeling relaxed and great. The lady had a great warm energy about her like my 103 Year Old Granny.

I would highly recommend it to anyone only problem is she didn’t want me to make a website for her as she keeps her phone off the hook as she has clients ringing 24/7 lol. She has too much business in fact..  And I 100% understand why..


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My Visit To The Kinesiologist

This is something that may not be considered a part of blogging, but the truth is when it comes to blogging or internet marketing one of the top things or people that will hold you back is negative family members, it could be your spouse or other members of your family.

Because you decide that you want to work from home, they treat you like someone unemployed with nothing to do but deal with trivial dramas and negative whining quite often about total bs..

While writing this I hear in the back of my mind a whining voice of a negative friend, who was moaning about one of my other friends for trying to start an online business.  Oh yeah his wife was worried, she saw him spending money.  No money was coming in.

So that gives her a reason to nag him to death,  When has nagging at someone ever created success???   Success is created when someone decides to do something and takes action..

If you are doing an online business and have  a nagging partner, you have three choices

1. Ask them to get on board

2. Tell them if they are not interested or think it is pie in the sky, to mind their own fucking business.

3. Listen to them screw up your dreams and become a negative broke employee like your partner..

A negative person is a negative person, remember that.  The only person who can change that persons negativity is themselves if they make a conscious decision..  But don’t hold your breathe or you might end up dying during the process while waiting for their metamorphosis.

And the negativity is not because you didn’t make money in the business, talking from experience you could make 7k a month and still spend your life listening to BS about your business.  Negative people or employees often just don;t get it.


The truth about most negative people is they want stuff but want to do as little as possible to get it. And look for someone else to blame.

You have two choices you can become the blame vessel, or you can tell them to fuck off until they have something more useful they want to talk about..  Something that is none of their business, if they are not wanting to be part of yours.

Off course being around these people constantly will have a negative impact on you, some you cannot avoid them unless you decide to get a divorce. The thing is you can find a network of likeminded people who have a common interest with you or goal.  If you are a blogger or Internet marketer you could meet up with a group of bloggers or Internet Marketers etc..  This will help you get focused on what you need to be doing and on ways to improve your business.


Automating Your Business With Email Marketing

If you haven’t started utilizing email marketing yet then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to automate your business.  The thing is using automated autoresponder sequences you can create years worth of email updates within a few days.

Automating Your Business With Email Marketing

The More You Learn And Apply The More You Can Earn

I remember being at a seminar a number of years ago in London and the speaker told the audience, the more you learn the more you earn.

I believe in this for sure but not 100% as said in this statement,  why is this? Well experience has showed me many people who spend most of their life learning and hardly any time applying any of the stuff that the learn.  Believe me I know a few of them even some people I am close to.

I remember while at this seminar one strategy I learned and applied before going to the seminar got me forty sales over the weekend using an automated Twitter strategy which I set up.   I also remember that weekend while I was learning feeling guilty as I had no travel wifi at that time.  And I knew I could not do any work or strategies to increase my business online during those 4 days that I was away..

And it was driving me crazy, especially with all the new info and ideas I was getting at the seminar.

I really believe if you are going to be a useful online marketer you need to be continually learning, but not at the cost of stopping stuff in your business being applied you gotta strike a happy balance between implementation and learning.

Today I was watching a training by one of my marketing mentors and although watching the beginners stuff that I have seen a million times  made me cringe. I did learn some great new ideas and strategies eventually, so it was time well worth spending to increase my knowledge.

The More You Learn And Apply The More You Can Earn

Just remember if you spend all your time learning and none of your time implementing earning strategies, you will find it hard to continue on your path, unless of course you have a rich relative,spouse, a windfall or disposable passive income to pay for you to live while doing it.

Not everyone though is that fortunate, what are the three moneymaking strategies that you have done today apart from learning. If your answer is none then you will keep yourself broke.

If you aren’t a top Guru on building websites and making money on WordPress you may want to join in on this Live free WordPress Training.

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But remember after watching it start to implement some of the stuff or feel free to ask me and I can help you, and don’t run from training to training like many other broke people do without taking some action.



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The More You Learn And Apply The More You Can Earn

I was selling my car today and got contacted by a scammer here is his emails, oh by the way in case you are lucky enough to be contacted by him here is the email too,


Really Original Name 🙂   Gibson Smith



Gibson Smith  it is still for sale


Me  Yes 


Gibson Smith   Thanks for replying my text..,I’ll like to ask these few questions before I proceed with this purchase. 

Why are you selling it? 
Are you the first owner? 
Do you still have Paper  Works ? 
Since when have you been Using it?
and can you also assure me it’s in good condition a
Me at this stage I replied to all his questions 
Gibson Smith  
Thank you for your reply. I am satisfied with the condition and agree to the price, I must let you know that my shipping agent will come for pickup once the payment is completed and approved by PayPal, it is very safe and easy to get money and the shipping agent Will help me To handle all the other necessary details to complete the deal when they arrive at your home address for pickup. .so I will buy the goods without seeing it, I will arrange the collection of the goods with a private courier service once you receive your payment and if you have no account at paypal, it is fairly easy to open secure and secured Simply go to, I need you to provide the following details so I can continue with the payment …
Your PayPal e-mail address:
Your complete name:
Your phone number :
Your home address for collection:
Soon, as I make the payment and you get the funds, the courier service will come to pick up your house at your reasonable time.
Have a nice day.
Me I replied to him at this stage with Paypal address and address and telephone 
Gibson Smith Alright i just got your details for the Payment now i will notify you once Payment as been completed 
Me that is fine thank you.  
Me   Can you please tell me your whereabouts where you are based and your full name and details as well just for my records. 
To which I received no reply of course all his other replies where very fast.. 
Gibson Smith
I want to inform you that i’ve just made the payment now and i expect PayPal to have emailed you by now,i sent a total sum of  £1,550 in all and i added the  £350 meant for pick up and delivery and £100 for the Western Union fee also, so you will need to send the £350 to my pick up agent via Western Union money transfer now at.Any Western Union office or Walmart Store ..Or at their website online at and send all the Western Union details to paypal so that PayPal can credit £1,550 into your account ,i added extra £100 to cover the Western Union charges which shouldn’t be more that £70 – £ 85 but i did this just to make this easy for you Here is the pick up agent info below needed to get the money sent through Western Union transfer,
Demetria Mccauley Scammer you’ve been framed
Name: Demetria Mccauley
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
ZIP: 46226
Country: United States  Looks likes a very interested buyer lol
I will need the details of the transfer once you have sent the money to the pick up agent today…1. The MTCN # Number that is the 10 digits number on the Western Union receipt 
Best Regards.
Gibson Smith
Check your PayPal Email (*************@we*******.ws  ) for the Payment Confirmation PayPal sent to you about the Payment now
Inside my gmail spam guess what I found ???
Note the groovy paypal address on the side of the email
Will let you know as soon as the money arrives in my Paypal account 🙂   Don’t worry.. 😉
Gibson Smith   Alright i will like to know did you receive the Payment Confirmation they send to you about the Payment on your Email
Me  No paypal haven’t received anything yet, when they do you will be the first to know..  
Yes that was why i ask you because i receive some Confirmation from them that the money as been deducted so pls kindly Check your mail inbox/Spam Folder for the Payment Confirmation now and let me know once you get it …

At this stage Gibson Smith must have found his money because that was his last email..    What a pity I never did send him that £350 to receive his Paypal Payment..  



I guess this guy is broke now that his windfall didn’t come through 🙁



Name: Demetria Mccauley
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
ZIP: 46226
Country: United States

Demetria Mccauley Scammer you’ve been framed  Get directions here 🙂


I hope you found this useful in case  you run into any similar type scammers



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How To Use Listicles To Create Content For Your Blog Or Website

There are of course lots of different ways of creating content for your blog or website starting with good old content writing, vlogging or video blogging,podcasting,using infographics,reviews of products or services but one that has become pretty popular recently is listicles.

How To Use Listicles To Create Content For Your Blog Or Website

A listicle is a useful list of content urls from different resources like blogs and  websites.

The great thing about listicles is that if you choose your articles wisely often the content is way superior to another blog post and often goes viral too. 

Today I have decided to do a short listicle type article and will create a list of interesting posts or resources from my blogs and websites and a few other bloggers that I think you will find useful 🙂

Enjoy ..


How to Advertise on competitors websites for free

How To Advertise On Your Competitors Websites For FREE


Who is your ideal customer?


Who Is Your Ideal Customer



Building an online business working part time 


How To Build A Blogging Business Working Part Time

How To Add A Facebook Widget In Your WordPress Blog Sidebar

How To Add A Facebook Widget In Your WordPress Blog Sidebar


120 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners  


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17 Things You Should Do To Every Blog Post Before Hitting Publish


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How To Setup An Amazon Store On Your WordPress Blog Or Website


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Twenty Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website


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12  Wordpress Themes To Build Your Online Business


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How To Create Great Content For Your  Blog Or Website


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71 Awesome Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful 


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How To Be A Successful Blogger 19 Experts Share Their Secrets


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How To Use Listicles To Create Content For Your Blog Or Website