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Rank On The First Page Of Google

If you do not already know ranking your content on the first page of Google can be very lucrative for your business.  Of course as well as ranking on the first page what is also important is what you are actually ranking for.  There are a lot of keywords that are are likely to make you no money whatsoever in fact someone I know used to get lots of the traffic for the keyword what is the best apple.

Chances are when someone types a keyword like that they are looking for some information, not to purchase a product or service off you.  What you need to do is figure out your money words. What are people typing into Google when they are getting ready to pay or hand out money for the solution.

Rank On The First Page Of Google

One client of mine ranks for a keyword Appliance Repairs (Town Name) his business is fixing washing machines dishwashers and appliances,  when people generally type this type of keyword into Google their Appliance has broke down and they need someone to fix or replace it.

All I did was created a simple form which get’s the people details Email,Telephone,Mobile Number Address  and what their problem is a selection of a possible 5 checkboxes.

This website gets new subscribers on a daily basis which ends up making the owner a good living using the power of the Internet.  Remember these people have a problem they are expecting to have to pay money to solve.  In fact they may as well be sitting with their credit card in hand.

Within an hour of submitting their details he calls them back and finds out more details about the problem and makes an appointment to go and fix it.  If they cannot fix it he also offers very competitive prices on new appliances and even though many people generally shop in large electrical stores in UK like Currys etc, he generally get’s the sale as he can deliver and install their appliance the next day. This makes it convenient for his customers and increases his income as well.


How can you rank your website on the first page of Google

Of course their are endless courses and ideas on how to rank your website on the first page of Google, the truth is Google constantly updates its algorithms so from month to month year to year a lot can change. Here are a few factors which still seem to work and have not changed that much over time.

  1. Create lots of well written relevant original content on your blog or website and update the website regularly.
  2. Use your keywords in the images as well as your written content as these images can also rank for your keyword when anyone does an image search.
  3. Create You Tube videos using your long tail keywords in the title and a link back to your website in the video description, plus also using the keyword in your video  tags as well.
  4. Use long tail keywords that your customers or readers are specifically looking for in the title and content of your articles and make sure the article is relevant to those keywords.
  5. Find high quality websites and ask to submit a guest post to them in exchange for a do follow link back to your website or blog post.

Please note that doing guest posts on spammy websites with lots of guest posts or article submission sites can also negatively effect your Google ranking so be quite fussy about the quality of the websites that you get backlinks from (Go for quality over Quantity)

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Rank On The First Page Of Google

How Will You Start Off 2017?

First of all I would like to wish all of my friends subscribers and business partners a Happy New year today is of course the first of January and once again if we are lucky will have the next 365 days of 2017 to move forward in our life our business,relationships,finances and health if all goes well.

As my first blog post of 2017 I would like to firstly stress the importance of being consistent in your online business especially in the early days when you are just getting started. Over the last few months I have had a few health challenges with has interefered alot with my work schedule my energy level and creativity.  Thing is when you are feeling under the weather it is harder to think creatively, when you are thinking about your health.

Once again as with other times I started off the New Year with multiple of email commission notifications coming from many different income streams, even though the last few months my work load has been operating at about 10% of it’s normal levels.  The thing about it is with one of my businesses online I spent two years creating three new pieces of content per day and sharing them online, (One of the posts was created by one of my writers at the time) I did the other two.

jan012017 commission

As I do not generally reveal all my income streams you can see one email I got today from Paypal for one of them.  I was talking to a friend recently who ignored a lot of my advice and went from a $40,000 a month online business to minus $$$s monthly.   Generating new sales cost time money and energy on the other hand residual commissions come in on a monthly basis and should form a large part of your overall income plan.


That means when you get sick your income doesn’t stop even if new business slows down or a few people here or there drop out of your business.

Many businesses,business models and employees will go out of business as the Internet  and technology changes many things. If you are not doing business online yet chances are in the near future you may end up broke or worse still with a business or Job that is no longer a viable business model (You Are Fired).

So in 2017 you must decide whether you are going to chase your tail making excuses talking about what you would like or are going to do. Or you can actually do something instead.

Many people do things like

  1. Advertise other peoples businesses which are unethical or 2 week wonders that will sink along with their friends and or families money.
  2. Chasing the next shiny business opportunity hoping this will be their next lottery win just put in some money and little effort and hope they will get a big reward.
  3. Follow the Guru who has ripped off half the world in the hope this time it will be better.
  4. Think about what they are going to do lots of ideas but with no implementation.
  5. Have  no identity and no idea about self branding if anyone goes to their Facebook wall or looks at their business card they are branding their latest business opp that they joined, maybe World Ventures,Lyoness,Amway or something similar how kind of you to advertise these big companies for free so your prospects can look them up on Google and join with one of your competitors (maybe not too smart though?)
  6. Buy every course and training under the sun but never implement any of them, hoping the next one will be the answer.


What you need to do really 

  1. Set up an online business that is branded to you or your business name
  2. Actually take the action,make the business write the content do the social media or pay someone else to do if you cannot.
  3. Take consistent action if something happens and you have to pause for a while that’s okay restart again at the closest opportunity.
  4. Find someone generating an income online and get them to teach you what you need to do step by step.
  5. Make a daily action plan a list of what you need to do daily to make this business really work for you.


The one thing I have learned about online business and most other businesses from one of my old mentors many years ago.

You can make money or you can make excuses but you can’t do both

Derek Ross


Which will it be for you in 2017? Only you can decide.


wishing you all the best with all your ventures in the future


Sotiris Bassakaropoulos


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How Will You Start Off 2017?

How To Do Google Hangout In You Tube Live

In case you didn’t already know Google Hangouts are no more if you want to do a hangout you now need to use you tube live.

The thing is if you are used to setting up live events on your website using Google Hangouts how you do it has completely changed so I recommend you watch the video below for step by step instructions on setting up your next You Tube Live event.


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How To Do Google Hangout In You Tube Live

Blogging Tips Why You Need To Build A List


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Blogging Tips Why You Need To Build A List

How To Connect Go Pro Hero 4 Black To Your iPhone

Having problems getting your GoPro Hero 4 Connected up to your iPhone this tutorial should help make it a lot easier for you. Remember if you found it useful like comment and subscribe to our mailing list for more useful tips and training’s

GoPro wifi reset tutorial and iPhone settings


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How To Connect Go Pro Hero 4 Black To Your iPhone

4 Plugins To Use On Your WordPress Blog


Here Is Optin Software I Mentioned In The Video


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4 Plugins To Use On Your WordPress Blog

Two Amazing Bits Of Software On Special Offer Today Only..

Normally I do not go out on a limb to randomly advertise the launch of, Or any special offer on products but today  two of my favourite software are on a special sale and thought I should give you a heads up.

I have bought and  tested and  both of these software packages in fact I bought one again today as the one I had only allowed me only 1500 subscribers, today’s offer allows you unlimited subscribers.  This software should and probably will be selling in the future for about $497 but today you can literally steal it for $19

I think in the future it will be bought on a monthly subscription so grab it now today for a one off payment it is $27 and there is a coupon code secretaccess which gets you another $8 off the price.

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The second one is a piece of software I have been using for webinars which did not use Google Hangouts thankfully 🙂  Here Is The Link To Get It

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Two Amazing Bits Of Software On Special Offer Today Only..

5 Must Have Items If You Want To Build A Serious Business Online

  1. A Hosting Account
  2. An Autoresponder
  3. An Optin Capture Page Software To Get You More  Leads And Subscribers And Build Your Email List  Click Here for The One I Use
  4. A Blog Or website to post your content, products and services
  5. A Shopping cart that allows you to sell your products,take debit and credit cards,Offer payment plans,One Off,Weekly,Monthly Or Annual renewing payment plans.

Of course you don’t have to buy any of these things if you do not want to, but if you are a serious online marketer who wants to have systems in place to actually earn money and not treat your online business like a hobby, then these tools I would say are essential..

5 Must Have Items If You Want To Build A Serious Business Online

How To Create Content For Your Blog While Sitting In The Car

I am sure you have heard of listening to audios while sitting in the car before.  This is a habit I have especially if I am travelling somewhere that is an hour or more driving.

The thing is I have a 10 Month old son called Xander and when mummy is away the last thing I want is too disturb him from his morning nap in the car. So I bring my chromebook with me and create my blog posts while he is sleeping like what I am doing right now.

Now of course not everyone will have a sleeping 10 month old child in the car like me. But once again instead of bringing your chromebook with you or laptop and typing out some blog posts here are some other ways that I use to create content.


If you have your phone hooked up/attached to the window you can create a Facebook live or Periscope. Another alternative is to record an audio I use an App which I have on my iPhone the software costs $197 it works on an iPhone or your desktop or iPad I think it is amazing and it also distributes your podcasts to iTunes and lots of other services as well.

Another thing you can do if you have an iPhone or Samsung smartphone you can talk your blogpost. Yes instead of typing your blogpost you just talk it out loud. This is another of my favourite features for I am really not a great fan of writing, I talk a lot faster than I type that is for sure.

Another possibility is to record a video of yourself in the car talking or providing some interesting content or value on a specific topic, or about everyday stuff happening in your life.  Once you record the video you can then upload it to Amazon S3 Hosting Via EVS.  Upload it to You Tube,Vimeo and also on Facebook as well.

Recently I was surprised when someone who wanted some content from me asked for a ready made interview that I had, luckily I was interviewed on A Google Hangout so I had the video transcribed into a very long blog post. So if you haven’t thought about transcribing your videos before this is another great way to make more blogging content without having to come up with new ideas.

The other thing you can aso do is transcribe your Facebook Live recordings or Periscope recording too.   Or any webinars that you have done, you could of course use this transcribed content for blog posts,books,or E-books.


If you are having problems coming up with ideas for new content you can browse through article directories for ideas, check out other competitors blogs or websites, see what upcoming viral topics are on Facebook, Twitter or You Tube.  Just make sure you do not copy and paste content write it in your own words, you change change the numbers do something completely opposite to what they are doing if you want.  Just use it for coming up with some new ideas.

Another great way to come out with blog content is to visit forums in your niche and find out what questions people are asking?  Write a blog post providing the solution to their problems this will be a great way to build lots of new fans and subscribers, if you are giving good advice or solutions.  OR COURSE IF YOU DON’T GIVE GOOD ADVICE OR SOLUTIONS IT CAN HAVE THE OPPOSITE EFFECT..



Type In Your keyword for your niche:  For example Alternative Health Forums

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 21.09.23


A list of possibilities will appear


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 21.07.46

Click On The Links  That Look Relevant. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 21.08.29


Pick A Topic That Will Be Good For Your Readers And See What Questions They Are Asking And Provide The Solutions To Their Questions In Your Blog Post


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How To Create Content For Your Blog While Sitting In The Car

How To Create Content For Your Blog By Doing Interviews

One of the things that people find hardest when blogging is coming up with new ideas for content for their blog. The thing is Some days the ideas can come really easily and then other days you just go blank, and have no idea what to actually write about.

Of course there are many different types of content you can actually put on your blog or website, You can make podcasts, you can create videos, you can write content or create infographics.


The thing is that for many of these you need to create your own ideas or have information already stored in advance. If instead you decide to create content for your blog by doing interviews with other people, it means that they will be coming up with a lot of content for you.

The other great thing about doing interviews is you do not need to be the expert you can just be the interviewer who asks all the questions.

These questions could either be pre planned or if they are not pre planned it gives you the opportunity to steer the conversation in the direction that you want. For example if you want your readers to know how to get more traffic to the blog website, and you know that your guest is an expert in traffic  generation and blogging.  Then you could ask their top tips for getting more  traffic to peoples blogs.


If you’re interviewing a video marketer then you could ask them their best ideas and tips for creating You Tube video’s. These types of tips will create lots of great content for your website and for your viewers, without you even having to think about it too much.

Recently I was at an event in Dublin and I interviewed Sharon Lecter Who is the co-author of the book rich dad poor dad.  once I finished the interview I then got someone to actually transcribe it for me.

This can then give me fresh content for my website and help me to drive more traffic at the same time.

it also provides some interesting content for my readers as well. The other great thing about interviews is that you can also push them to YouTube and get free traffic from YouTube as well when people type the name of the person you interviewed  into YouTube or Google.

If you’re someone who struggles with coming up with fresh content for your blog or website, then this will make your life much easier.

I remember one of my mentoring students interviewed me on a YouTube video and it was 20 questions. The interview went on for nearly two hours. as it took me ages to answer all the questions.

Even asking someone seven or eight questions can end up being a 10 minute interview or even more. which could end up being around 1000 to 1500 words of fresh content for your blog or website.


I just finished getting the video interview with the 20 Questions transcribed it was 15 Pages of content which will be published shortly on the Huffington Post.  So this an example of just how you can come up with content for your customers or readers which I hope you found useful.


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How To Create Content For Your Blog By Doing Interviews